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Where: Teatro Alhambra. C/ Molinos, 56
City: Granada
Province: Granada
20/12/2009 (21:00)

Agenda, Granada, Concert

Concert: Chin Yi, Guadalupe Plata, Jota & Florent

Your chance to see the winners of the 2009 Andalusian Young Pop Rock Circuit competition live in concert. Chin Yi and Guadalupe Plata will be performing alongside Jota and Florent, singer and guitarist from the band Los Planetas, at the Teatro Alhambra in Granada.

What is one supposed to think of a band that defines their sound as a mixture of Hound Dog Taylor, the darkness of Skip James, the hypnotic rhythm of John Lee Hooker and R.l Burnside, the craziness of Screamin' Jay Hawkins, the gentleness of Tampa Red, the slide of Elmore Hames and the essence of Son House? Guadalupe Plata's first LP, imaginatively titled Guadalupe Plata, is made up of six bluesy tracks and came to life thanks to the support of the Sociedad Fonográfica Subterránea in Granada.

Chin Yi comes from another world. Experimental sound somewhere between rock, cabaret, electronic music and punk, that reminds you of Pere Ubu or PIL from Metal Box. This band from Granada, formed in 2004 by Pablo Medina, has produced a series of great demos including Chi, Ju, Mei. Their first LP Tai is entirely homegrown.

They are joined by Jota and Florent, the voice and guitarist from the band from Granada Los Planetas.


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