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News: El Mundo publishes an article about our Tertulias in the CAC

Miguel Pradas from El Mundo published an article today about the monthly meeting point created in Malaga by the CAC (Centre for Contemporary Art in Malaga) and Tertulia Andaluza.

In an article entitled Meetings with Emerging Art, El Mundo reports on our first meeting with the artists José Luis Puche and Ádel Kháder in the CAC in Malaga:

“As if they were coming to a meeting shouting out “art calling for art”, yesterday the cultural website Tertulia Andaluza began a series of interviews with emerging artists throughout Malaga. Just one year after its launch, this portal has immersed itself in the confusing world of online social networking, to become the meeting point for hundreds of musicians, painters, photographers, writers and sculptors who find themselves silenced in the cultural scene of Andalusia. “These people just want to be heard, to know that someone out there is looking at their work”, explained Cecilia Bogaard, director of the website”.
Tertulia Andaluza en el Mundo 18_02_09


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El 26 February 2009 a las 9:07 PM, Carolina dijo...

Congratulations! Lets hope this helps spread the word.

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