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Tertulia Andaluza finishes work on the GoGo Cards website

Tertulia Andaluza is proud to present the newly finished website for GoGo Cards. Bet you didn’t know that our services include web design!

By:  Julio Ruiz
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Did you know? Tertulia Andaluza offer services including web design, content creation, translation, photography and advertising

GoGo Cards is a direct marketing and advertising medium of credit card sized promotional cards that can be taken freely from displays throughout Malaga, Seville, the Costa del Sol and Gibraltar. You can find them in hotels, airports, bus stations, tourist information offices, bars, etc. “A great starting point to help travellers figure out where to go,” says Lakshmi I. Aguirre, editor at Tertulia Andaluza. Their clients are diverse and include companies and institutions from all walks of life, from the Picasso Museum in Malaga, Fuengirola Zoo, or Restaurant Da Bruno, to the Cirque du Soleil, Kiwi Juice Bar in Seville or the Melting Pot Hostel in Tarifa.

Susan Deverell and Jan Reinders from GoGo Cards-Magna Marketing S.L. wanted a bilingual website that would present the concept of the cards and their services clearly, as well as show off their clients and distribution points. Also important was to allow clients to download the full distribution lists for each area they cover and to include a franchise form where interested parties could request information. Fundamental to the project was to give the GoGo team the capability to publish content themselves in both English and Spanish, as well as allowing them to add pages and categories over time without having to depend on us to design them.

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“It has been an interesting project to work on. GoGo were very clear on certain design aspects they wanted to incorporate and we needed to translate those concepts onto the web,” explains Cecilia Bogaard who managed the project. The website has been designed using WordPress, originally created as an open source blog publishing application. It has now grown so powerful that it can be used to create any kind of website. It has become increasingly popular due to to its intuitive interface (otherwise known as usability). There are also some flash features, such as on the home page. This has helped to add some movement to the site. “Using Wordpress has added extra functionality to the site. The GoGo team can update almost all of the content with only a little HTML knowledge. Even the Flash on the home page reads from an XML feed that allows cards to be added, edited or deleted. Rather than implementing a WordPress solution with plugins around it, the site is built using PHP and pulls the data from the WordPress database. This has given us a great deal of flexibility in what we wanted to display and how,” states Carlos Sisi, web designer on the project.

“It is always exciting when you hand over the control of a website to your client. Many people don’t realize the importance of creating a site they can manage themselves. The alternative often leaves you tied to a designer and over time you can be left high and dry,” highlights Bogaard. The GoGo team are currently working on the content of the site. Over time they will add more clients and distribution points to the page. “With basic HTML knowledge, they will be able to manage and run the entire site without the need to come back to their web designer,” concludes Bogaard.



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