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Tertulia Andaluza wins at the 2010 Costa del Sol Business Awards

Our second nomination as finalist in the Costa del Sol Business Awards has borne fruit: the Integration in Andalusia Award. Thank you to the entire team and to all our users.

By:  Cecilia Bogaard
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Winning the Integration in Andalusia category at the Costa del Sol Business Awards is a vote of confidence to drive us to keep working on Tertulia Andaluza. What started out as an online magazine is now an online community of 150.000 incredible and talented residents and travellers who visit us every month to discover the region and share their experiences.

Tertulia Andaluza was born on the Costa del Sol as a way to combat the islands of people of different nationalities who isolate themselves from the rest of Spain. It’s insane that there are so many brilliant things going on and that so many people don’t know about them. We live in a fascinating region, filled with opportunities and fantastic projects. Tired of publications that promote Andalusia as being simply about beaches, flamenco and bulls, we wanted to create a platform where both Spanish and foreign residents and travellers collaborate to show the world that we’re also about indie festivals, cinema, environmental projects, rural adventures, artists, mountains, dynamic companies and literature. That community has now become an army who we mobilize to attend events and take part in projects and causes on and offline such as our monthly meetings for artists in the Centre of Contemporary Art in Malaga or rooftop concerts in Seville.

In the beginning all we had was an idea and a laptop. Thanks to our shareholders, support from Fabricio Chavarro from Otravista and Industrias Creativas & Co, the Junta de Andalusia and the CADE in Marbella we’ve now become a team of internet crazed fools working like mad to create an exciting platform. We are a bilingual digital magazine with an events guide and sections dedicated to culture, travel, business and the environment, but we also help other people create websites, content, innovative projects and communicate with their desired audience.

We firmly believe in the importance of treating users to the website as individuals and providing them with great content. We only recommend things we believe in ourselves. You’ll hear other websites talk about keyword strategy, but the root of success in the online world is simple: provide something that people actually want to interact with and that enriches their lives in some way.

As everyone who works on the internet and lives in Andalusia knows, the last couple of years have been tough. At Tertulia Andaluza we’ve taken the crisis as a challenge that’s forced us to use our imagination. At a time when many companies are slashing their marketing budgets, we’ve created a marketing and communication department to provide alternative, affordable, inventive and interactive marketing solutions to companies throughout the region. In 2009 I met blogger Molly Flatt, the only person I know whose job description is “Word of Mouth Evangelist”. The title stuck in my mind. The best way to get a message across is through word of mouth, be that online or offline. This award will motivate us to keep working and spreading the word about the creative and positive side of Andalusia.

We’d like to congratulate the other winners: CCG (Business Promotion of Andalusia), Geonergy Spain (Innovation Award), Golf the Costa (Association Award), TeamXtream (Young Entrepreneur) and Quanvision (Company of the Year). Thank you to all of our collaborators, clients and users. Without you this wouldn’t have been possible.


Costa del Sol Business Awards 2010 from Pablo Llaryora on Vimeo.



Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 22 October 2010 a las 9:29 PM, Humphrey dijo...

Well done, you guys deserved it!

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 25 October 2010 a las 11:20 AM, Lakshmi dijo...

El premio nos anima a seguir trabajando con ilusión en este proyecto, aunque lo que verdaderamente nos emociona es que la gente nos siga y que nos diga que le gusta Tertulia Andaluza. Ése es el verdadero premio.

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 25 October 2010 a las 11:21 AM, Kaajal Mansukhani dijo...

Es muy gratificante recibir un premio por sacar adelante un trabajo que todos en Tertulia Andaluza realizamos con gran entusiasmo y esfuerzo. La labor de equipo es fundamental, aunque hay que reconocer que el auténtico mérito es de Cecilia y Lakshmi.

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 25 October 2010 a las 11:24 AM, Carlos Sisi dijo...

Este premio es un reconocimiento a la labor de Cecilia Bogaard y su equipo, que construyen el tejido económico de la Costa del Sol con hilos aderezados de tesón, cultura, trabajo duro e ilusión. Me siento orgulloso de formar parte del proyecto Tertulia Andaluza.

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 25 October 2010 a las 4:09 PM, Restaurantes en Málaga dijo...

Enhorabuena a todo el equipo de Tertulia Andaluza.
Un fuerte abrazo Cecilia!

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 25 October 2010 a las 7:23 PM, María dijo...

Recibir un premio por hacer un buen trabajo siempre agrada y da energía para seguir adelante pero, como dice Lakshmi, ese premio no sería lo mismo si no sintiéramos el respaldo de la gente y ver día a día que confían cada vez más en nosostros.

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 26 October 2010 a las 7:06 AM, Luis dijo...

¡Enhorabuena! Os lo mereceis, es un reconocimiento a todo el trabajo y cariño que le dedicais a compartir y extender la cultura. Muchas gracias por vuestra labor.

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