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Music festivals, film festivals, theatre festivals, jazz festivals, dance festivals and electronic festivals. Cover the length and breadth of Andalusia with the best festivals and events in Andalusia.

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festivalsMalaga Spanish Film Festival (T. de la Rosa)
Malaga comes to life in the spring, and not only because of the weather. One of the most important dates on the calendar of the Costa del Sol, each and every year cameras start rolling and projectors...

festivalsJerez Flamenco Festival (Lakshmi I. Aguirre)
Israel Galvan, Belen Maya, Isabel Bayón, Rafaela Carrasco, Olga Pericet, Antonio Canales and a long et cetera. Big names and great voices on the stage of the Villamarta Theatre in Jerez. One of the...

festivalsCosmopoetica Festival (Lakshmi I. Aguirre)
Poetry is alive and well and living in Cordoba. While many ask whether poetry is dying a slow death, Cordoba has created Cosmopoetica. The festival was born out of a love of verse and is taking it to...

festivalsAndalusia Festival Guide - June 2012 (Tertulia Andaluza)
Summer is finally here and our Andalusia festival guide is bursting at the seams. Make a note of the best music, dance, theatre and film festivals in Andalusia this June carefully selected from our...

festivalsAndalusia Festival Guide - April 2012 (Julio Ruiz)

festivalsAndalusia Festival Guide - March 2012 (Tertulia Andaluza)
The events guide for March 2012 is a sight for sore eyes! Music festivals, flamenco festivals, photographic festivals… March is a good month for our 2012 Andalusia festival guide. Make sure you...

festivalsAndalusia Festival Guide - February 2012 (Tertulia Andaluza)
It may be the shortest month of the year, but february has an events guide packed with festivals. For the best festivals in Andalusia, check out our 2012 Andalusia Festival Guide.

festivalsAndalusia Festival Guide - November 2011 (Laura Gris)
Take note of the most important festivals in Andalusia this November. The Andalusia events guide is bursting with great music (jazz and early), films (fantasy, European and Latin American) and more....

festivalsMalaga French Film Festival - Alliance Française (B. A. Etxaniz)
Every year the Alliance Française in Malaga welcomes the autumn with a film festival brimming with the latest French films. France and Andalusia come closer together than ever in this unique...

festivalsAndalusia Festival Guide - October 2011 (Laura Gris)
Autumn has arrived with some of the best festivals in Andalusia. Music, dance, theatre, films and poetry come together to fill the Andalusia events guide this October.

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