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Recipes, interviews, restaurants, wine, cocktails, gourmet shops, organic food, cookbooks, product reviews and more. Discover food and drink in Andalusia.

Are you prepared for the summer in Andalusia? Chef Jorge García-Hidalgo shares a refreshing recipe for surviving the sweltering hear: salmorejo. Flavours,......
Silvia Vélez Osuna  |  gastronomy  | Comment

Javier de las Muelas returns to surprise us once more with a cocktail made with Chocolate Vodka from Cadiz-based company Pancracio. Awaken your taste buds with......
T. de la Rosa  |  gastronomy  | Comment

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gastronomyStrawberry gazpacho (Yuri Sasson)
To prove that traditional Andalusian cooking can be given a uniquely modern touch, chef Yuri Sasson has chosen to share another of his recipes. Red tomatoes are replaced by red strawberries which are...

gastronomyWine tours in and around Ronda (Julio Ruiz)
Whether you’re an expert or aficionado of fine wine, don’t miss out on discovering the wines produced in and around the Serrania de Ronda mountains. Here’s a guide...

gastronomyBorrachuelos (Lakshmi I. Aguirre)
Food takes centre stage at Christmas all over Spain, however this is especially true in Andalusia. Families gather together in the kitchen to prepare traditional borrachuelos, the dish which marks the...

gastronomyChickpeas with rice (or rabbit?) (Lourdes Camacho)
In times of crisis, this is a way to keep up appearances. A stew that tastes like rabbit… without the rabbit! Ideal for a cold winters day. This stew uses chickpeas and rice to create a dish...

gastronomyLa Gergaleña Productos Artesanales - Gérgal (Almeria) (Alejandro Amores)
Founded in 2001, this family buisiness is part and parcel of the Caparrós Group. Based in Gérgal (Almeria) it produces high quality gastronomic products sold throughout the country. Ecological...

gastronomyFennel and bean stew (Manuel Valencia)
What do gypsies from Jerez cook and how do they prepare their food? Manual Valencia, a talented gypsy chef from Cadiz showcases the best of Andalusian tradition.

gastronomyWhat is organic wine? (Juan Bolaños @ Biovinos)
Organic wines are becoming increasingly popular, but are labels and logos claiming to be “organic” to be trusted? Exhaustive quality control is making it easier to enjoy truly organic wine...

gastronomyTop 5 Aphrodisiacs (Zoe)
Does food really have the power to increase your libido and stir up passion when you thought all was lost? There is much debate on the subject. Is it a physiological reality or psychological delusion?...

gastronomyBerza roteña (Lourdes Camacho)
Cuisine from Rota lures us back to the table once again with the ideal winter dish for those who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. It is the perfect accompaniment to the traditional Andalusian...

gastronomyXimz (Lakshmi I. Aguirre)
Javier de las Muelas’ cocktail proves that the whole of Andalusia can fit into a Martini glass. If Buñuel were alive he’d try one too.

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