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Travel notes and articles about cities throughout Andalusia: Almeria, Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaen, Malaga and Seville.

Don’t worry about a thing. Here are some ideas to ensure that being a little low on cash doesn’t mean you’re housebound. You may not believe......
Tertulia Andaluza  |  Malaga  | 10 Comments

If you’re stuck for cash but in need of a break, here are some ideas for making the most of Tarifa on a budget. Restaurants, bars, events and more for......
Tertulia Andaluza  |  cities  | 9 Comments

Do you sometimes feel as if it’s impossible to step out of the house without it costing a fortune? If you’re looking for a fresh perspective, here are some......
Tertulia Andaluza  |  cities  | 4 Comments

You’ll never really get to know Tarifa (Cadiz) if you stick to the picture perfect beaches, however marvelous they are. If you delve a little deeper you&......
Tertulia Andaluza  |  explore  | 10 Comments

A modern city is hidden amongst the narrow streets of this World Heritage Site. Just follow this simple guide to immerse yourself in the once thriving capital......
Rosa Gallardo y María de las Nieves García  |  cities  | 7 Comments

Do you sometimes feel as if it’s impossible to step out of the house without it costing a fortune? If you’re looking for a fresh perspective, here......
Tertulia Andaluza  |  nightlife  | 3 Comments

If you’re starting to think that you need to stay home to save money, we’re here to prove you wrong. Here are a bunch of ideas for exploring the......
Tertulia Andaluza  |  explore  | 3 Comments

The picture postcard image of Ronda retains a romantic flavor despite its being very much on the tourist map. Artists, writers and thinkers from all over the......
Thea Delavault  |  cities  | 1 Comment

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citiesSeville: Travel Notes (Leonardo Sardiña)
There is no city quite like Seville. Traditionalist and open in equal measures, with a unique blend of sevillan regality and modernity. But don’t be deceived by appearances. Deep down she’s a...

citiesMarbella: Travel Notes (Irene Ríos)
Lurking behind the cliché of Marbella as the centre of glitz, glam and celebrity wannabes, is a city surrounded by spectacular landscapes. Laughing stock of the media over the last few years, there...

citiesMalaga: Travel Notes (T. de la Rosa)
Recharge your batteries, because this city has a lot to offer. In constant transformation, cultural life in Malaga is on the up, and its people are working hard to ensure it is kept alive. Welcome to...

citiesGranada: Travel Notes (Julio Ruiz)
It’s not just because of the Alhambra. It’s the magic of the Sacromonte, the Albaicín, the moorish tradition present on the street, local cuisine, the street markets, flamenco, jazz and...

citiesCadiz: Travel Notes (José Lorenzo Benítez)
To find out where Andalusia’s legendary sense of humor is hiding, just follow this simple guide to the city of Cadiz. Let yourself get carried away by the city’s infectious charm.

citiesGranada (Julio Ruiz)
Home of the Alhambra, Granada may not be perfect but it is brimming with magic. The energy of its university students and the beauty of the Moorish district of the Albaicín make this unique city...

citiesHuelva: Travel Notes (Julio Ruiz)
While surrounded by nature reserves and areas of outstanding natural beauty, the city itself is not a travel hot spot. But, we’ll let you in on a little secret. If you are tired of the usual travel...

citiesAlmeria: Travel Notes (Tania Martínez)
You might hear that Almeria doesn’t have much to offer when it comes to beauty or culture. We don’t agree. But let’s keep that a secret. Almeria is a very unpretentious city, and we...

citiesAlmeria (Tania Martínez)
Almeria is struggling to shake off its reputation for being a bland and ugly city. But by showing off its vibrant cultural life and Cabo de Gata’s unique beaches, this easternmost region of...

citiesCadiz (José Lorenzo Benítez)
Ibero-American Capital of Culture in 2012, the year Cadiz celebrates the drafting of the Spanish Constitution (known as “la Pepa”) in 1812. Both friendly and luminous, the beacon of Southern...

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