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Cordoba is the Mezquita and the Jewish quarter. It’s olive oil, the clatter of horses’ hooves and beautiful women. If you knew that already, this is where to find out more!

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Hostal el Antiguo Convento is one of those hotels one hopes to find when travelling. Ideal for a surprisingly inexpensive escape in Cordoba, you’ll find it......
Cecilia Bogaard  |  Cordoba  | 1 Comment

Cordoba has become a one night stop for travellers looking to visit the famed mosque and a conglomeration of Roman and Moorish monuments. If you’re......
Cecilia Bogaard  |  Cordoba  | 4 Comments

A modern city is hidden amongst the narrow streets of this World Heritage Site. Just follow this simple guide to immerse yourself in the once thriving capital......
Rosa Gallardo y María de las Nieves García  |  cities  | 7 Comments

Do you sometimes feel as if it’s impossible to step out of the house without it costing a fortune? If you’re looking for a fresh perspective, here......
Tertulia Andaluza  |  nightlife  | 3 Comments

Andalusia is filled with gardens of all shapes and sizes making the selection of just five a strenuous task. We invite you to escape and explore the colours and......
Thea Delavault  |  environment  | 3 Comments

Hidden away in the centre of Cordoba, you’ll find a small family who while away the hours guarding one of the city’s best kept secrets. For just a few hours......
T. de la Rosa  |  nightlife  | Comment

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cordobaCosmopoetica Festival (Lakshmi I. Aguirre)
Poetry is alive and well and living in Cordoba. While many ask whether poetry is dying a slow death, Cordoba has created Cosmopoetica. The festival was born out of a love of verse and is taking it to...

cordobaThings to do in the rain (Tertulia Andaluza)
You don’t need to be Gene Kelly to enjoy rainy days. Here are ten ideas to prove that grey days can also be fun. (Singing and dancing in the rain at night during a storm without your umbrella is...

cordobaCarmen del Campo Gallery - Cordoba (Laura López)
This contemporary art gallery in Cordoba organizes painting, sculpture and photography exhibition. With over ten years of experience and more than a hundred exhibitions to its name from artists such...

cordobaCordoba Festival Guide 2011 (Tertulia Andaluza)
The events calendar in Cordoba is jam-packed with festivals throughout the year. We want to ensure you don’t miss a thing, so take a look at our events guide to discover the province in all its...

cordobaGR7 (Michelle Lowe / Kirstie Shirra)
Having braved the elements in a 1250km-long trek across the length of Andalucía, Michelle Lowe and Kirstie Shirra answer the question: “What is the GR7?”

cordobaAmigos del Disco LP Record Shop - Cordoba (Cecilia Bogaard)
Music lovers are overcome by unadulterated vinyl joy as they enter Amigos del Disco in Cordoba. A vinyl record shop, with some cassettes and CD’s too, you’ll find a wide selection of 1960s...

cordobaTop 5 Romantic Hotels 2011 (Tertulia Andaluza)
If you feel like whisking your loved one away for a romantic getaway in Andalusia, Valentine’s Day is always a good excuse. But whatever time of year it may be, get some ideas to surprise your...

cordobaCordoba Zoo - Cordoba (Carmen Morales)
Zebras, donkeys, elephants, hippos, jaguars, lemurs, baboons, raccoons and birds of all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for things to do with kids in Cordoba, a visit to the zoo is a great...

cordobaEspacio A_Rojo - Cordoba (Lakshmi I. Aguirre)
Intense art, red art, transforming art… Espacio A_Rojo focuses its energy on new trends in the art world. Exhibitions come to life to be heard, seen and even tasted. An oasis for contemporary...

cordobaBodegas Robles - Montilla (Cordoba) (Cristina Dorador)
Bodegas Robles has been awarded dozens of prizes for the production of their wines which employ certified organic wine practices. The name of their organic range is Piedra Luenga, one of the few...

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