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The flavour and perfume of mile after rolling mile of olive groves has helped shape Jaen’s utterly unique personality. In the words of the poet Miguel Hernández: “Andalusians of Jaen, proud harvesters of olives”.

Looking for somewhere to stay when you take to the road to explore? We’ve chosen our favourite hotels in the province of Jaen to give you a helping hand.......
Laura Gris  |  Jaen  | Comment

Seventeen towns and more than 150 activities throughout the year make up the various stages of this cultural, educational and touristic route throughout the ......
B. A. Etxaniz  |  adventures  | 12 Comments

If you want you can let rip a scream as your feet leave the ground. From that moment on you’ll be in the capable hands of this adventure company that......
Marta Nocete Aguilar  |  travel & leisure  | 2 Comments

A short walk through the olive groves of the Sierra Sur in Jaen is just what the doctor ordered if you’re looking for a break from the city. So, get out......
Rachel Webb  |  adventures  | Comment

recently added...

jaenThings to do in the rain (Tertulia Andaluza)
You don’t need to be Gene Kelly to enjoy rainy days. Here are ten ideas to prove that grey days can also be fun. (Singing and dancing in the rain at night during a storm without your umbrella is...

jaenUno de Uno Gallery - Jaen (Laura López)
A contemporary art gallery in Jaen showing work by artists such as Úrsula Tutosaus, Carla Leo and Ilan Wolff. Photography, painting and other arts come centre stage at this art gallery that is an...

jaenJaen: Hotel Guide 2011 (Laura Gris)
Looking for somewhere to stay when you take to the road to explore? We’ve chosen our favourite hotels in the province of Jaen to give you a helping hand. From hostels and country cottages to...

jaenAlojamiento Rural Los Huertos de Segura - Segura de la Sierra (Jaén) (Tertulia Andaluza)
A rural hotel offering tourist apartments in the midst of the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park in Jaen. Each apartment has a small kitchen, free Wi-Fi and an open fire, ideal for...

jaenHotel Balneario de San Andrés - Canena (Jaen) (Tertulia Andaluza)
Escape the stress of the city at this spa in Canena (Jaen). Set in a fabulous estate in the midst of pine and olive trees Balneario San Andres offers all kinds of spa treatments and uses natural water...

jaenHotel Las Casas del Cónsul - Ubeda (Jaen) (Tertulia Andaluza)
Charming boutique hotel in Ubeda Jaen with eight bedrooms, a suite and an apartment. Housed in a 12th century building, staying at this hotel is like travelling back in time. There’s a large...

jaenParador de Turismo de Ubeda - Ubeda (Jaen) (Tertulia Andaluza)
A Renaissance-palace has been converted into a luxury Parador hotel in one of the main squares of Ubeda. Elegant rooms (many with jacuzzi), a fresh Andalusian patio, traditional cooking and history...

jaenHotel María de Molina - Ubeda (Jaen) (Marta Nocete Aguilar)
Charming accommodation in the centre of World Heritage Site Ubeda (Jaen). Simple, peaceful and aristocratic, María de Molina hotel has been built around the original patio and decorated in...

jaenCasa Rural Molino de Anica - Puente de Génave (Jaen) (Marta Nocete Aguilar)
The country cottage that is the Casa Rural Molino de Anica is an 18th century flour mill restored in 2000. Just metres from the centre of Puente de Génave, amidst the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las...

jaenHospedería Rural Palacio de los Guzmanes - Baños de la Encina (Jaen) (Marta Nocete Aguilar)
This charming hotel in Baños de la Encina is housed in a 17th century building and offers colourful and simple accommodation from which to explore nearby Ubeda and Baeza. This cosy hotel in Jaen has...

and also...

Albergue Inturjoven Cazorla - Cazorla (Jaen) ( Marta Nocete Aguilar)

Alcaudete Castle - Alcaudete (Jaen) ( Marta Nocete Aguilar)

Casa Rural Cortijo de Ramón - Cortijos Nuevos (Jaen) ( Marta Nocete Aguilar)

Casa Rural El Reguelo - Fuensanta de Martos (Jaen) ( Laura Gris)

Complejo La Veguilla - Arroyo del Ojanco (Jaen) ( Marta Nocete Aguilar)




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