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If you’re on the hunt for a green and healthy lifestyle, signing up to a sweaty air-conditioned gym to work out on energy-guzzling machines is not the way......
Cecilia Bogaard  |  escapes  | 5 Comments

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adventuresfirmm (Cecilia Bogaard)
“A bottlenose dolphin, in the last stages of pregnancy, basked her big belly in the sun on the surface and swam in front of the boat, demonstrating to us that she would soon become a mother,&...

adventuresHike: Refugio de Juanar to the Cruz de Juanar (Cecilia Bogaard)
From the Cross of Juanar, one of the many peaks of Sierra Blanca, look down at the Mediterranean coastline and remember why so many people have settled in this part of the world. This is the perfect...

adventuresRoute of Castles and Battles in Jaen (Andalusia) (B. A. Etxaniz)
Seventeen towns and more than 150 activities throughout the year make up the various stages of this cultural, educational and touristic route throughout the province of Jaen. The Route of Castles and...

adventuresAlcaudete Castle - Alcaudete (Jaen) (Marta Nocete Aguilar)
In the heart of Andalusia, between Granada y Cordoba you’ll find Alcaudete Castle hidden away in the southern mountains of Jaen. Situated at a historic crossroads it has morphed over time to...

adventuresHike: El Regüelo (Jaen) (Rachel Webb)
A short walk through the olive groves of the Sierra Sur in Jaen is just what the doctor ordered if you’re looking for a break from the city. So, get out those walking shoes and take a walk on...

adventuresGR7 (Michelle Lowe / Kirstie Shirra)
Having braved the elements in a 1250km-long trek across the length of Andalucía, Michelle Lowe and Kirstie Shirra answer the question: “What is the GR7?”

adventuresThe Mujeres en las Veredas Association (Cecilia Bogaard)
You may not believe it, but Marbella is not all glitz and glam. In the folds of the Sierra Blanca Mountains that overlook the many urbanizations littering the coastline, Mujeres en las Veredas (Women...

adventuresPangea Central (Lakshmi I. Aguirre)
“Creating destinations”. That’s the main goal of this adventure tour company that brings together culture and nature in the mountains of Ronda. Discover paradise just a hop, skip,...

adventuresHike: Olive Oil Greenway (Vías Verdes)
An infinite carpet of olive trees and nine impressive viaducts from the 19th century are the hallmarks of the 55 Km Olive Oil Greenway, known in Spanish as the Via Verde del Aceite. The hike takes you...

adventuresTransándalus (Lakshmi I. Aguirre)
Touring Andalusia by bike is even easier now that a group of cycling enthusiasts have devised a route that takes in all eight provinces. A practical guide put together by the cyclists themselves, the...

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