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Discover the best theatres, bars, concert venues, nightclubs, cinemas and cocktail bars bringing music, clubbing, theatre, cinema and dance to Andalusia. Ideas to get you out and about in Almeria, Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaen, Malaga and Seville.

Sala Caireles is an anomaly. Who would have thought that the village of Arriate (near Ronda) would have such a pumping nightlife? Not only is it a bar, but they......
Tertulia Andaluza  |  Malaga  | 3 Comments

Theatre, music, dance and flamenco make up the programme of the Villamarta Theatre in the centre of Jerez (Cadiz). This cultural centre is not only home to the......
Tertulia Andaluza  |  nightlife  | Comment

Pure rock. Add a bit of pop, reggae, hip hop and flamenco, and you’ve made an explosive cocktail that, put simply, creates a great vibe. The Calabaza Mec......
Tertulia Andaluza  |  nightlife  | Comment

A black box in which culture is turned on its head and reclaims its rightful place in the world. A black box that contains not just a school, but also a gallery......
Cecilia Bogaard  |  nightlife  | 4 Comments

recently added...

nightlifeCinesur Nervión Plaza - Seville (Lola Gil)
Located on the third floor of the enormous Nervión shopping mall, this cinema in Seville is the biggest in the city. With over 20 screening rooms, comfortable seating and high quality projections,...

nightlifeApolo Theatre - Almeria (Marta Nocete Aguilar)
Since its opening in 1881 the Apolo Theatre in Almeria has been reformed, expanded and rehabilitated on several occasions to become the modern theatre it is today. The setting for events such as the...

nightlifeChiringuito Agua - Tarifa (Cadiz) (Cecilia Bogaard)
Looking out onto the Playa de los Lances in Tarifa, Chiringuito Agua offers up a selection of cocktails, fresh smoothies and juices, snacks and sandwiches made with a “whole lot of love”....

nightlifeCordoba for 10 euros (Tertulia Andaluza)
Do you sometimes feel as if it’s impossible to step out of the house without it costing a fortune? If you’re looking for a fresh perspective, here are some ideas for visiting Cordoba with...

nightlifeLa Carbonería - Seville (Lakshmi I. Aguirre)
La Carbonería was the meeting point for the vanguard of Seville, a space for independent and alternative thought. Its walls have resounded with the voice of Camarón, the music of Antonio Mairena and...

nightlifeAlbéniz Cinema - Malaga (Lakshmi I. Aguirre)
Malaga’s iconic cinema has re-opened its doors on Calle Alcazabilla to some of the best movies of all time. Four screening rooms with a permanent programme jam-packed with European films,...

nightlifeQuintero Theatre - Seville (Cristina Dorador)
Located in the building that once housed the local Pathé cinema in the centre of Seville, the Quintero Theatre presents fabulous live performances throughout the year. Founded by Jesús Quintero, it...

nightlifeThe Film Archive of Andalusia (T. de la Rosa)
Hidden away in the centre of Cordoba, you’ll find a small family who while away the hours guarding one of the city’s best kept secrets. For just a few hours a day they open their doors and show it...

nightlifeTeatro Duque La Imperdible - Seville (Tertulia Andaluza)
The Duque Theatre - La Imperdible reopens its doors bringing within it fabulous theatre and dance in Sevilla. Ever since its refurbishment it is able to present film screenings, concerts, dance and...

nightlifeMaestranza Theatre - Seville (Tertulia Andaluza)
The Maestranza Theatre is one of the nerve centres for cultural production in the city of Seville. The greatest performers and shows from the world of opera, flamenco, theatre and contemporary música...

and also...

Restaurant La Prainha ( Cecilia Bogaard)

Sala El Tren - Granada ( Tertulia Andaluza)

Sala Entresuelo - Granada ( Tertulia Andaluza)

Sala Malandar - Seville ( Tertulia Andaluza)

Sala Milwaukee - El Puerto de Santa María (Cadiz) ( Tertulia Andaluza)

Sala PlantaBaja - Granada ( Tertulia Andaluza)

Teatro Central - Seville ( Tertulia Andaluza)

Terra Sana @ iLounge Restaurant ( Laura Gris)




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