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Andalusia’s most self-assured and passionate province invariably inspires a strong reaction. Tertulia Andaluza steps in to uncover the unique combination that is Seville. Ancient and modern, traditional and cosmopolitan, complex and simply beautiful.

There is no city quite like Seville. Traditionalist and open in equal measures, with a unique blend of sevillan regality and modernity. But don’t be deceived......
Leonardo Sardiña  |  Seville  | 3 Comments

Do you sometimes feel as if it’s impossible to step out of the house without it costing a fortune? If you’re looking for a fresh perspective, here are some......
Tertulia Andaluza  |  cities  | 4 Comments

Want to know where to go to eat beetroot salmorejo, spinach balls or even a vegetable pie in Seville? What about getting your hands on organic tomatoes, shitake......
Elsa Cabria  |  restaurants  | 5 Comments

La Carbonería was the meeting point for the vanguard of Seville, a space for independent and alternative thought. Its walls have resounded with the voice of......
Lakshmi I. Aguirre  |  travel & leisure  | Comments Off

Countries of the Mediterranean have joined forces to celebrate their diverse cultures and build a platform for international understanding and dialogue. Culture......
Julio Ruiz  |  culture  | 8 Comments

recently added...

sevilleCinesur Nervión Plaza - Seville (Lola Gil)
Located on the third floor of the enormous Nervión shopping mall, this cinema in Seville is the biggest in the city. With over 20 screening rooms, comfortable seating and high quality projections,...

sevilleHotel Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla - Seville (Cecilia Bogaard)
In contrast to the usual, white, minimalist interiors favoured by most boutique hotels, the Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla has opted for a decoration inspired by the market places of Morocco. Located in...

sevilleThings to do in the rain (Tertulia Andaluza)
You don’t need to be Gene Kelly to enjoy rainy days. Here are ten ideas to prove that grey days can also be fun. (Singing and dancing in the rain at night during a storm without your umbrella is...

sevilleCobertura Photo - Seville (Laura López)
Founded by photographer Alberto Rojas Maza in 2001, Cobertura Foto is an independent space in Seville dedicated to promoting photography and its relationship to other artistic disciplines. This...

sevilleWabi Sabi Shop & Gallery - Seville (Laura López)
A new gallery concert in Seville. Photography, decoration, graphic design, painting, graphic arts, events and fashion. Wabi Sabi aims to show of avant-garde art from a global and multidisciplinary...

sevilleTerritorios Sevilla Festival (Julio Ruiz)
A festival that brings together music from across the world for three days of concerts and exhibitions in Seville, capital of Andalusia. Savour the sounds as music takes centre stage.

sevilleLux Cinema Zona Este - Seville (Lola Gil)
With ten fully equipped screening rooms and the latest cinema technology, this cinema in Seville is an option if you’re looking to pass the time with comercial (and primarily US) productions in...

sevilleTop 5 Romantic Hotels 2011 (Tertulia Andaluza)
If you feel like whisking your loved one away for a romantic getaway in Andalusia, Valentine’s Day is always a good excuse. But whatever time of year it may be, get some ideas to surprise your...

sevilleEMASESA Cultural (B. A. Etxaniz)
This water company in Seville is working hard to organize concerts, exhibitions and competitions. You’d never know it from the outside, but their headquarters are a labyrinth containing not just...

sevilleLa Buhardilla - San Juan de Aznalfarache (Seville) (Carmen Morales)
Do your kids ever go stir-crazy during the heat of summer in Sevilla? La Buhardilla in San Juan de Aznalfarache might be just what the doctor ordered! Workshops, puppets, a swimming pool, vegetable...

and also...

Alameda Multicines - Seville ( Lola Gil)

Andalusian Centre of Contemporary Art (CAAC) - Seville ( Tertulia Andaluza)

Archaeological Museum of Seville - Seville ( Tertulia Andaluza)

Avenida 5 Cines - Seville ( Cecilia Bogaard)

Delimbo Artspace - Seville ( Tertulia Andaluza)




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