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A fresh perspective on what has become a topic of much debate. We want to inspire our readers and give them the tools to confront what is now a global issue.

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Not sure where to recycle your plastic? How about batteries, CD’s or medicines? What happens to plastic bags and glass once you’ve thrown them away?......
Tertulia Andaluza  |  environment  | 9 comments

This year Almeria takes the biscuit in this utterly depressing report compiled by Ecologists in Action. Meanwhile the number of Black Flags has risen......
B. A. Etxaniz  |  environment  | 5 comments

“The first time I saw an Emperor Penguin colony, it was just so remote, so amazing, that for the first two or three minutes I sat there and cried. It was......
Cecilia Bogaard  |  environment  | 7 comments

Andalusia is filled with gardens of all shapes and sizes making the selection of just five a strenuous task. We invite you to escape and explore the colours and......
Thea Delavault  |  environment  | 3 comments

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viajes & ociofirmm (Cecilia Bogaard)
“A bottlenose dolphin, in the last stages of pregnancy, basked her big belly in the sun on the...

medio ambienteSEO/Birdlife Andalusia (Cecilia Bogaard)
More and more species are now in danger of extinction. The Andalusian delegation of the Spanish Society...

medio ambienteWhat is organic wine? (Juan Bolaños @ Biovinos)
Organic wines are becoming increasingly popular, but are labels and logos claiming to be “organic&...

viajes & ocioLa Algaba de Ronda (Cecilia Bogaard)
A love of the area has been the driving force behind the long uphill struggle to give an old country...

rutasThe Mujeres en las Veredas Association (Cecilia Bogaard)
You may not believe it, but Marbella is not all glitz and glam. In the folds of the Sierra Blanca...

niñosThe Donkey Sanctuary (Cecilia Bogaard)
“I will keep going and going and going until one day we make a change”. Director of European...

viajes & ocioEco-Gyms in Andalusia (Cecilia Bogaard)
If you’re on the hunt for a green and healthy lifestyle, signing up to a sweaty air-conditioned...

viajes & ocioSea Life - Benalmadena (Malaga) (Carmen Morales)
A trip to Sea Life in Benalmadena (Malaga) will introduce you to an exciting underwater world filled...

viajes & ocioCordoba Zoo - Cordoba (Carmen Morales)
Zebras, donkeys, elephants, hippos, jaguars, lemurs, baboons, raccoons and birds of all shapes and sizes...

medio ambienteBlack Flags on the beaches of Andalusia in 2010 (Zoe Martín)
Check out this list of beaches that have been marked by black flags by Ecologists in Action this year....

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