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art & creative industries

Production companies, music labels, artisans, casting, consultants, the arts and creative sector, fashion, marketing, designers, galleries, cultural management and creative industries in Andalusia. Discover the business side of culture at Tertulia Andaluza.

This independent publishing house in Ronda has managed to become become one of the leading publishers of walking guides in Spain thanks to the hard work of......
Lakshmi I. Aguirre  |  art & creative industries  | 6 Comments

Granada-based craftwork created to transmit the essence of the Alhambra, alter the concept of the souvenir and pay homage to a neighbourhood that guards the......
Laura Gris  |  shops & retail sector  | 1 Comment

Experimenting constantly with new ideas, materials and glazes, the one-woman band that is Kilix Ceramica is working hard to fill a gap in the market: brightly......
Cecilia Bogaard  |  art & design  | 3 Comments

Bringing classic titles to a wider audience and flying the flag for European literature. Olivo Azul is currently making a name for itself by printing works as......
Antonio Palacios  |  literature  | Comment

Lemendu Films is Joaquín Asencio’s attempt to invigorate the audiovisual scene in Andalusia. After studying at the Tisch School of Arts in New York, he......
Antonio Palacios  |  business  | 2 Comments

recently added...

art & creative industriesSánchez De Lamadrid Gallery - Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz) (Tertulia Andaluza)
Photographer Juan Carlos Sánchez de Lamadrid inaugurates a new photography gallery in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz). Classic and contemporary photography come together in a gallery that underlines...

art & creative industriesUno de Uno Gallery - Jaen (Laura López)
A contemporary art gallery in Jaen showing work by artists such as Úrsula Tutosaus, Carla Leo and Ilan Wolff. Photography, painting and other arts come centre stage at this art gallery that is an...

art & creative industriesCarmen del Campo Gallery - Cordoba (Laura López)
This contemporary art gallery in Cordoba organizes painting, sculpture and photography exhibition. With over ten years of experience and more than a hundred exhibitions to its name from artists such...

art & creative industriesCobertura Photo - Seville (Laura López)
Founded by photographer Alberto Rojas Maza in 2001, Cobertura Foto is an independent space in Seville dedicated to promoting photography and its relationship to other artistic disciplines. This...

art & creative industriesWabi Sabi Shop & Gallery - Seville (Laura López)
A new gallery concert in Seville. Photography, decoration, graphic design, painting, graphic arts, events and fashion. Wabi Sabi aims to show of avant-garde art from a global and multidisciplinary...

art & creative industriesBarbara Fiore Books (B.A. Etxaniz)
This publishing house from Granada doesn’t just publish books. Barbara Fiore fabricates masterpieces to help your imagination run wild. Patrons of fantastic children’s literature, they create...

art & creative industriesTop 5 Albums 2010 (Abel Guerola)
We did it in 2008. We did it again in 2009. Due to popular demand we’ve put our thinking caps on to decide which are the top 5 albums produced in Andalusia in 2010. Five very special albums that...

art & creative industriesPupa Tatoo - Granada (Alejandro Amores)
Pupa Tattoo Studio is dedicated to corporal art that also has a gallery which shows contemporary art in Granada. From photography to graffiti, Pupa Tattoo is venue organizing alternative events in...

art & creative industriesIn-box: April 2010 (Cristina Dorador)
Each and every day more and more publishers, record labels, writers and musicians send us their latest releases to populate our minds and magazine with their work. Check out our In-box each month to...

art & creative industriesIn-box: March 2010 (Laura Gris)
Each and every day more and more publishers, record labels, writers and musicians send us their latest releases to populate our minds and magazine with their work. Check out our In-box each...

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