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Interviews, profiles, people and articles. Artists, athletes, chefs, ecologists, entrepreneurs, musicians and writers. Movers and shakers in Andalusia.

Like a fish in water. That’s one way to describe this Granada-born artist as she makes her way through all the many arts she excels in. Lively and......
Lakshmi I. Aguirre  |  emerging artists  | 16 Comments

She worked with Madonna on Take a bow, Lenny Kravitz includes her on his guest list, as do Ketama and the Flores family. George Benson and Tomatito have played......
T. de la Rosa  |  people  | 6 Comments

“When I go to bed at the end of the day, I dream of the trick I’ve been practicing. In the dream I do it perfectly. I wake up suddenly and say out......
Lakshmi I. Aguirre  |  people  | 2 Comments

You may not believe it, but Marbella is not all glitz and glam. In the folds of the Sierra Blanca Mountains that overlook the many urbanizations littering the......
Cecilia Bogaard  |  adventures  | 55 Comments

With a career spanning over thirty years filled with innumerable performances and successful shows, it is no wonder that Isabel Bayón could be described as the......
Mercedes L. Caballero  |  people  | 3 Comments

Born with the gift of the gab, Elena Medel added a little Lorca, Plath and Góngora to the mix and became a poet at ten. This Cordoba-born poet has studied in......
Lakshmi I. Aguirre  |  literature  | 2 Comments

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peoplePablo Picasso (Lakshmi I. Aguirre)
Picasso was one of the most versatile and prolific artists of the 20th century. In his lifetime he churned out more than 20,000 pieces of art, including paintings, engravings, drawings and sculptures,...

peopleTertulias in the CAC (Centre for Contemporary Art in Malaga) (Tertulia Andaluza)
Tertulia Andaluza and the Centre for Contemporary Art in Málaga come together to create a meeting point for emerging artists slap-bam in the centre of Malaga.

peopleTertulias in the conTenedor (Tertulia Andaluza)
Tertulia Andaluza and the conTenedor restaurant come together to create a meeting point for emerging artists slap-bam in the centre of Seville. If you’re creative, come and show us what you&...

peopleAlbertucho (Cecilia Bogaard)
“And if the ship were to sink, I’d be the captain, and this isn’t my ship and I don’t belong to anyone, and I don’t even know how to swim…” sings Albertucho,...

peopleEnrique Aguirre Aves (Cecilia Bogaard)
“The first time I saw an Emperor Penguin colony, it was just so remote, so amazing, that for the first two or three minutes I sat there and cried. It was minus 25, so my tears were freezing as...

peopleTop 5 People in 2010 (Tertulia Andaluza)
Curious to see which five people have been voted the top 5 people in Andalusia in 2010? We’ve counted all your votes to discover the brilliant, creative, ingenious and remarkable people you’ve...

peopleVote! Top People in 2010 (Tertulia Andaluza)
Now is your chance to vote for the person you believe has contributed most to Andalusia in 2010 from a selection of names you nominated in our survey. The ballots are open until the 15th March 2011....

peopleZahara (Lakshmi I. Aguirre)
Zahara is somehow able to make missing a plane the inspiration of a fun-packed song and she’ll even make you want to cover yourself in colourful meringue pie. This artist from Ubeda (Jaen) tells...

peopleAnni B Sweet (Lakshmi I. Aguirre)
Emotion-filled songs performed with an extra dash of sweetness. She may be young, but this girl seems well beyond her years with a guitar slung over her shoulder and folk music oozing out of every...

peopleSurvey: Top 5 People in 2010 (Tertulia Andaluza)
Brilliant, creative, fervent, ingenious, pioneering and remarkable. We’re looking for people who have contributed positively to Andalusia in 2010. Can you help?

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