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Competition: Circada Circus Festival in Seville

Take part before the 9th June for your chance to win tickets to see a very special show. Circus is alive and well on the streets of Seville. Another competition from Tertulia Andaluza.

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By:  Tertulia Andaluza
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You may not see any tap-dancing lions or elephants, but the magical excitement of the circus is still very much alive. From the 11th to the 21st June, the Circada Circus Festival is coming to Seville to bring a little wonder and clean family entertainment to Andalusia. Dedicated to recovering the arts of the circus, the festival is bringing circus shows into contemporary theatres and onto the streets of Seville.

The prize?
Here at Tertulia Andaluza, we aim to give you the opportunity to enjoy the best Andalusia has to offer. This time we are giving away three pairs of tickets to the Gala Circada TNT being celebrated at the Teatro Atalaya TNT on the 13th June.

Just answer this simple question by 23:59 on the 9th of June:

What is the name of the circus art of tossing one or more objects in the air and catching them so as to keep at least one in the air at all times while handling the others (without letting them fall on the ground)?

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