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Competition: Concert After After Hours

Take part before the 22nd October and you could win a double ticket an After After Hours concert (the new band from Dorian) in the Sala Vivero in Malaga. Another competition from Tertulia Andaluza.

By:  Tertulia Andaluza
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After After Hours are the new band from Marc and Belly from the band Dorian. After After Hours was founded along with Carly Bond, Lexy Pkane and Steve Rooney, three musicians from the London dancehall and indie scene. La Baulera and the Sala Vivero bring their distinctive sound to Sala Vivero traen su nuevo sonido a Malaga with a concert jam-packed with electronic, rock, new wave and soul music on the 23rd October. Want to go?

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We’re giving away two double tickets to ensure you don’t miss the latest transformation of Dorian in Malaga. Just answer one simple question before the 22nd October for your chance to enter our prize draw:

From what city are the members of the band Dorian from?

(Pssst. A little clue.)

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El 22 October 2010 a las 2:05 PM, Lakshmi I. Aguirre dijo...

¡Estefanía Pérez y Ana Belén Aragón han sido las ganadoras de las dos entradas dobles para el concierto de After After Hours (lo nuevo de Dorian) en la Sala Vivero! Muchas felicidades.

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