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Competition: Books for kids II

Take part before the 11th of January 2010 for your chance to win children’s books for kids from 0 to 99. If you’re worried that neither Santa, Rudolph, the Three Kings or even your nearest and dearest are going to get it right this time around, we’re giving you another shot. Another competition from Tertulia Andaluza.

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By:  Tertulia Andaluza
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Time is ticking and Christmas is just around the corner. While everyone frantically decides what to buy, we’re back to offer a helping hand. Take part to ensure you get what you really want this year. In collaboration with Rayuela Books we’re giving you another chance to win one of three sets of books for children of all ages. The second competition we’ve run with this unique book shop in the centre of Seville, but with all new titles. This is a competition aimed at introducing you to the world of Spanish language children’s literature, fantasy and illustration. Don’t miss out. Some of these volumes are spectacularly designed and illustrated.

PRIZE 1 (0-3 years)

· P de Papá by Isabel Martins y Bernardo Carvalho.
· Tengo ganas de… by Manuela Olten.
· La Ola by Suzy Lee.

PRIZE 2 (4-8 years)

· 37 Tortugas by Pablo Albo.
· El Cerdito by Arnold Lobel.
· La Señora y el niño by Geert De Kockere y Kaatje Vermeire.

PRIZE 3 (9-99 years)

· PoeMitos by Pepe Maestro.
· Diario de Libros by Rotraut Susanne Berner.
· Sopa de Sueño y otras recetas de cococina by J. A. Ramírez Lozano.

Just answer this simple question before the 11th of January 2010 and you’ll enter our special New Year prize draw. Please specify which prize (age-group) you are interested in winning. We wouldn’t want any disappointed little ones (or even little-big ones!).

Which three colours does the illustrator Suzy Lee use in her book La Ola edited by Bárbara Fiore Books?

(Pssst… A little clue!)

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Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 30 November 2009 a las 9:14 PM, lupe lindell gonzalez dijo...

todos los años los reyes magos nos traen un libro a cada uno somos seis personas este año los camellos llegan famelicos a casa pues la economia va fatal

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 17 December 2009 a las 9:41 AM, Mercedes González Caraballo dijo...

Con la crisis y 5 hijitos, no hay mejor regalo que un buen álbum ilustrado; es un juguete multifunción del que toda la familia sacamos partido; ojalá me toquen esos tres que tengo la suerte de conocer y sé que les encantarán.

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