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Competition: Mundo Mums

Natural Swedish sweets, without any added artificial colour. If you’re a fan of tasty candy in all shapes and sizes, take part before the 23rd October and you could win a basket of sweets for adults and children alike from Mundo Mums in Malaga. Another competition from Tertulia Andaluza.

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By:  Tertulia Andaluza
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concurso mundo mums

If you tend to avoid sweet shops because of the assumption that they are packed with all kinds of unhealthy stuff, then you should visit this delicious sweet shop in Malaga. Here the sweets taste better and even make you feel better. Why? Because this shop is filled with sweets that come all the way from Sweden. They are high quality, contain no artificial colouring, are apt for the lactose intolerant, have no trans fat or even genetically modified ingredients. Don’t believe it? Why not take part in this competition for your chance to win a basket of sweets from Mundo Mums in Malaga?

Simply answer the following question correctly before the 23th October:

On which promenade in Malaga is Mundo Mums located?

(Pssssst. A little clue).

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Competition :  Mundo Mums
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