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Competition: Musica con Encanto XVIII

Take part before the 2nd of March for your chance to win two tickets to see a fantastic classical concert in Marbella. Another competition from Tertulia Andaluza.

By: Tertulia Andaluza

One simple question and one simple answer. That all there is to it! If it’s your lucky day, we’ll be in touch to get your prize to you in the nick of time. Two tickets for the concert Homage to Bach - 325th Anniversary [1] performed by Pavel Nersessian which takes place in the Palacio de Congresos (Marbella [2]) on the 6th of March. The winners will be chosen at random from all the correct answers.

You have until the 2nd of March to answer this question:

Which Verdi opera premiered in March 1842?

(Pssst, a little clue. You’ll find the answer in our events guide [3]!)

Form Competition Closed

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[1] Homage to Bach - 325th Anniversary: http://www.tertuliaandaluza.com/agenda.php?event=4734&/agenda/marbella/concierto/musica-con-encanto-grandes-duos

[2] Marbella: http://www.tertuliaandaluza.com/explora/malaga-explora/marbella-guia-del-viajero/

[3] events guide: http://www.tertuliaandaluza.com/agenda.php?event=4824&/agenda/mundo/efemerides/aniversario-de-la-presentacion-de-la-opera-nabucco

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