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Competition: South Pop 2010

Better be quick! Take part before the 24th of March for your chance to gain entry to true pop heaven. Just answer a simple question to win one of four passes to South Pop Festival in Seville. Another competition from Tertulia Andaluza.

By: Tertulia Andaluza

Southern Arts Society, Sr. Chinarro, Los Punsetes, The Hidden Cameras, Nitoniko, Charades… South Pop Festival 2010 [1] is the best way to round up the end to a rainy winter with pop in all shapes and sizes. We’re giving away four tickets to see live music at the Sala Malandar [2], Sala Obbio [3] and Alameda Theatre in Seville, three of our favourite venues in the city. For your chance to dance and bop to pop ’til you drop, simply answer the following question correctly by the 24th of March 2010 and you’ll enter the prize draw.

Who designed the poster for South Pop Festival 2010 [1] and album covers for both Lori Meyers [4] and Los Elementos [5]?

(Pssst. A little clue [4].)

Form Competition Closed

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[1] South Pop Festival 2010: http://www.tertuliaandaluza.com/agenda.php?event=4883&/agenda/sevilla/festival/south-pop-2010

[2] Sala Malandar: http://www.tertuliaandaluza.com/explora/sevilla/sala-malandar-sevilla/

[3] Sala Obbio: http://www.tertuliaandaluza.com/explora/sala-obbio-sevilla/

[4] Lori Meyers: http://www.tertuliaandaluza.com/cultura/artistas-emergentes/lori-meyers/

[5] Los Elementos: http://www.tertuliaandaluza.com/cultura/los-elementos/

URL: http://www.tertuliaandaluza.com/concursos/concurso-south-pop-2010/lang/en/

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