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Winner of tickets to Musica con Encanto III

We have a winner! One lucky user will be attending the concert of the Cuarteto Alborán in Marbella, part of a series of concerts organized by Musica con Encanto.

By: Cecilia Bogaard

The winner gave us the correct answer for which classical musician was born on the 21st March. The answer was Johann Sebastian Bach: Yearly event: Birth of Johann Sebastian Bach [1].

Mr. and Mrs. Barnett (Marbella) have won two tickets to attend the concert Concierto: IX. Música con encanto: Cuarteto Alborán [2] on the 28th March in the Vasari Center, Marbella.


Thank you to all the other participants. Keep checking the site for competitions [3]. There are some great prizes in store.

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[1] Yearly event: Birth of Johann Sebastian Bach: http://www.tertuliaandaluza.com/agenda.php?event=1388&/agenda/mundo/efemerides/nacimiento-de-johann-sebastian-bach

[2] Concierto: IX. Música con encanto: Cuarteto Alborán: http://www.tertuliaandaluza.com/agenda.php?event=1001&/agenda/marbella/concierto/ix-musica-con-encanto-cuarteto-alboran

[3] competitions: http://www.tertuliaandaluza.com/concursos/

URL: http://www.tertuliaandaluza.com/concursos/ganador-del-iii-concurso-musica-con-encanto/lang/en/

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