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Winners of our competition: Words in sand

Five lucky winners have some great reading for their summer holidays. We now have the future readers of two great books: The Queen of the South and Ghosts of Spain.

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By:  Tertulia Andaluza
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Concurso: Páginas de arena - Competition: Penguin Books

It isn’t a horse, a windmill or even a penguin! The animal on the cover of the English Faber&Faber edition of Ghosts of Spain was a bull. I mean really, what else could it possibly be?

Five lucky readers now have two books zipping their way across the world to so as that they can enjoy some summer reading this holiday. Courtesy of Penguin Books Spain, these readers are:

· Paul Neale (La Cala de Mijas - Malaga).
· Elizabeth Acedo Pozo (Seville).
· Charles Olsen (Madrid).
· Loly Caballero (Jerez de la Frontera - Cadiz).
· Matt Kennedy (Melbourne, Australia).

They have each won two books: The Queen of the South by Arturo Pérez-Reverte and Ghosts of Spain by Giles Tremlett. Congratulations!

To all the others who took part, thank you. Keep checking in with our competitions. You might be lucky next time!



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El 9 December 2009 a las 12:00 AM, Charles Olsen dijo...

Gracias Tertulia Andaluza!!! Recibí los libros y he leído lo de Giles Tremlett que fue muy interesante. Reconocí muchas cosas que reflejan mi experiencia aquí… y también aprendí mucho sobre la historia de España en los últimos años. Espero tener tiempo para leer el otro estas navidades!
Un saludo!

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 9 December 2009 a las 2:32 AM, Cecilia Bogaard dijo...

De nada Charles! Un placer.

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