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In-box: January 2010

Each and every day more and more publishers, record labels, writers and musicians send us their latest releases to populate our minds and magazine with their work. Check out our In-box each month to find what’s new in Andalusia.

By:  Tertulia Andaluza
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The latest releases from publishing houses, production companies and record labels throughout Andalusia:

A la dirección by Montoto. Hook Ediciones Musicales, 2010.
“After publishing his first album (De regreso a mi planeta, Virgin 2006) it became even more urgent to say something new… After almost 4 years Montoto has converted this need into reality by publishing his second album under the title A la dirección.” Si ya ni siquiera Joplin te mueve los pies. Si Fred Astaire y Ginger Rogers se niegan a bailar claqué… Mañana no será mejor que ayer. Honesty and simplicity in equal measures from the singer-songwriter Diego Montoto.

montoto a la direccion

Picasso. Libros ilustrados. Picasso Foundation - Birthplace Museum, 2009.
Eclipsed by the wealth of the rest of his artwork, Picasso’s work as a book illustrator is often ignored. In this book his illustrations take prime position. Published by the Picasso Foundation in Malaga, this volume catalogues their collection of books illustrated by the artist. Picasso created illustrations for 156 books published between 1905 and 1974.

picasso libros ilustrados

50 años no es nada by IES Pablo de Olavide de La Luisiana School (Seville). Eustory 2009.
An entire class from La Luisiana in Seville decided to make a short documentary (12 minutes) about generational differences. The documentary is a series of comparative quotes whereby grandparents and their grandchildren are asked basic questions about their childhood, marriage, family, work and hopes for the future. The quotes have then been edited and interspersed so that one gets a clear idea of the changes and difference between life for their grandparents who grew up in poverty, and their grandchildren who live in the relative wealth of Andalusia today. As their teacher Manuel Gómez highlighted in an interview: “Through these conversations with their grandparents the kids realized that the history they read in their textbooks is not as distant as they used to believe. An era that can seem so remote, occurred not so very long ago”. The documentary won first prize in the 2009 Eustory Competition.

documental 50 anos no es nada eustory

Una mijilla de Graná by David Sorroche, Jorge Sánchez ‘El Pisao’, Lidia Valle, Víctor Castro & Marcos ‘Palometas’. Freshmedia 2009.
David Sorroche, flamenco singer-songwriter who tours several countries including France and Russian, has produced a DVD study of vocal techniques. In collaboration with several flamenco artists from Granada such as Jorge Sánchez ‘El Pisao’, Lidia Valle, Víctor Castro and Marcos ‘Palometas’ the DVD pays homage to all the artists who continue to produce flamenco in the streets of Granada.

una mijilla de grana david sorroche





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