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La Hoguera

Mix the powerful flamenco voice of Inma Mora with Cuban rhythms, bossas, tangos and bulerías, and the concoction can only taste like pop heaven. La Hoguera calls it a flamenco infusion.

By:  Cecilia Bogaard
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Flamenco fusion
Birth: 2004, Rota (Cadiz)
Location: Rota (Cadiz)
Stands out for: mixing flamenco, cuban rhythms, rock and bossa nova
Did you know? they have shared the stage with Kiko Veneno, Mártires del Compás and Javier Ruibal

“I get a great vibe from your music. Listening to your CD on road trips with my daughter Lola always makes the journey seem shorter”. A little embarrassed, La Hoguera shows off a message sent by a fan. It’s not an exaggeration. The band blends its flamenco roots with a rock core to create a great sound. A lively optimism erupting from the powerful voice of Inmaculada Mora and mixed with Cuban rhythms, bossas, tangos and pop.

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La Hoguera will try just about anything. “Music without borders, without commitments. We work hard to avoid clichés, break barriers, blend and create, whilst ignoring tastes, trends or fashion”. Putting aside his guitar, Manuel Martín-Arroyo trips over his words in his enthusiasm to define the band. His conversation is a post-modern party full of irony and endless chords. “We get together, chat, play, improvise, and create an atmosphere”.

La Hoguera was born in 2004, inheriting the rich musical tradition of Rota (Cadiz), located somewhere between two currents: the pure flamenco surrounding Jerez and rock imported by marines from the U.S. Naval Base. The wit of these vibrant songs comes from the brothers Manuel (guitar) and Juan Martín-Arroyo (bass). Songs like La vieja alcoba, Canción de Pepe, La borriquilla, plus a Spanish version of Here comes the Sun by The Beatles. These are joined by tanguillos from Cadiz, a Christmas carol, and even a pasodoble on a their first album (La Hoguera 2007) illustrated by their percussionist and versatile artist, Javier Sánchez Navas. In concerts, Ignacio Liaño (second guitar) fishes out and plays various instruments (mandolin, guitar…), like a magician from his hat.

“We get our inspiration from all over the place. From Ignacio’s blues to Juanito’s choral singing, passing by Inma’s flamenco and my falsettos. Javi’s brushes and congas do the rest,” Manuel explains while strumming his guitar. “There are more artists per square metre here than anywhere in the world. This is the place to be! A breeding ground for musicians, Cadiz is key in order to understand the evolution of Andalusian music over the past 50 years”.

The piece by George Harrison is not the only cover on the album. There are also songs by Smash, Lole y Manuel and Vicentino. Members of an illegal chirigota, the song writing-duo combines South American melodies with a hint of Carnival time. In more than one song they use typical whistles (pitos de caña) which lend a festive tone to the album, and their groundbreaking performances transmit the warming echoes of the Cadiz Carnival.

“From the beginning we were lucky to learn from maestros such as Javier Ruibal, Kiko Veneno or EA!. They have been in the business for decades and have managed to maintain their modesty,” adds Manuel. La Hoguera have performed mostly in western Andalusia, but they are hoping to hit the road and explore new territory in Granada and Almeria.

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Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 17 January 2008 a las 9:50 AM, Carlos dijo...

Lo cierto es que me gusta bastante su directo!

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 18 January 2008 a las 2:04 PM, jose luis posadas dijo...

Lo primero agradeceros el esfuerzo de construir algo para el disfrute de los demas; la pagina esta de lujo. Y sobre el articulo decir, que nunca les escuye tocar, pero si hablar y sentir (aunque hace muchos años) y seguro que “viajar con sus sonidos” tiene que ser precioso.

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 21 January 2008 a las 2:22 PM, Zoe dijo...

José Luis, pincha en la web del grupo. El enlace está abajo del reportaje. Vas a flipar porque puedes escuchar cinco temas alucinantes!!!

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 26 January 2008 a las 9:36 PM, Afro dijo...

Sí que suenan de lujo…”la Mora” enamora :P

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 26 July 2008 a las 11:47 AM, Cecilia dijo...

Marrakesh Express Crosby ,Stills & Nash

la hoguera versiona “Marrakesh Express”…

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