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Andalusia Festival Guide - December 2010

It’s the end of the year and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the final festivales taking place in 2010. We’ve selected the best events from our events guide to fill up your calendar to round off our 2010 Andalusia festival guide.

By:  Cristina Dorador
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november festival guide andalusia 2010 Wild Winter Festival Malaga

8 October - 17 December. Wild Winter Festival Malaga 2010. Malaga (Malaga)
The Malaga-based collective Wild Weekend is back with a new series of concerts: Wild Winter. A selection of exquisite sounds from some of the best new music on the national scene. 2010 Programme.

november festival guide andalusia 2010 Flamenco Jazz El Duende del Albeniz 2010

20 November - 18 December. Flamenco Jazz El Duende del Albéniz 2010. Málaga (Málaga)
A festival for all kinds of flamenco. This is your chance to enjoy first-rate artists performing different styles of flamenco in Malaga. Arcángel and Tomasito are just two of the artists you’ll get to see! 2010 Programme.

december festival guide andalusia 2010 malaga futura Albeniz 2010

25 November - 09 December. Málaga Futura 2010. Malaga (Malaga)
Another initiative from the Albeniz Cinema in the centre of Malaga dedicated to Malaga-born artists who are making it on the national music scene. 2010 Programme.

december festival guide andalusia 2010 Almeria en Corto

06 December - 11 December. Almería en Corto. Almeria (Almeria)
Almeria has always had a tight relationship with the world of cinema making it the ideal location for celebrating one of the most important dates on the short film festival calendar. Programa 2010.



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