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Andalusia Festival Guide - February 2010

Not sure what to do in February? We’ve put together a continuously updated 2010 festival guide for Andalusia to help you discover the best dance, music and film festivals in February handpicked from our events guide.

By:  Laura Gris
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andalusia festival guide 2010 Malaga Theatre Festival

09 January - 14 February. Malaga Theatre Festival. Malaga (Malaga)
Street performances, theatrical shows, conferences and lectures fill the city of Malaga for this theatre festival. A treat for all those who love the theatre. 2010 Programme.

andalusia festival guide 2010 Festival Retroback

05 February - 14 February. Retroback Festival. Granada (Granada)
Granada celebrates this festival of classic cinema. So far it has managed to project some of the best movies in film history. A joy for film buffs, this is your chance to watch classic films on the big screen. 2010 Programme.

andalusia festival guide 2010 cadiz carnival

11 February - 22 February. Cadiz carnival. Cadiz (Cadiz)
This is one event you shouldn’t miss if you’re interested in discovering a festival that has come to define the entire city of Cadiz. Read all about it. 2010 Programme.

andalusia festival guide 2010 Latitudes

15 February - 31 March. Latitudes Festival Huelva (Huelva)
Robert Capa, Yao Lu, Chema Madoz, Emilio Morenatti…. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an aficionado, this is a paradise for photographers living in or travelling through Andalusia. 2010 Programme.

andalusia festival guide 2010 Jerez Flamenco Festival

26 February - 13 March. Jerez Flamenco Festival. Jerez (Cadiz)
One of the most important flamenco festivals in Andalusia, the Jerez Flamenco Festival is made up of concerts, exhibitions and outstanding workshops. Read all about it. 2010 Programme.



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