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Andalusia Festival Guide - June 2010

Not sure what to do in June? We’ve put together a continuously updated 2010 festival guide for Andalusia to help you discover the best dance, music and film festivals in June handpicked from our events guide.

By: Laura Gris

Andalusia Festival Guide 2010 SevillaFoto [1]

13 May - 13 June. SevillaFoto. Seville [2] (Seville [3])
Exhibitions, workshops and discussions that turn the streets of Seville into a photographers paradise every year. 2010 Programme [1].

2010 summer festivals in andalusia festival 21 grados seville [4]

01 June - 27 August. 21 Grados. Seville [2] (Seville [3])
Open air cinema, exhibitions, concerts and theatre organized by the University of Seville. Two months of a fresh programme of cultural events. 2010 Programme [4].

2010 summer festivals in andalusia territorios sevilla [5]

03 June - 05 June. Territorios Sevilla. Seville [2] (Seville [3])
World music, pop-rock and hip hop music during three days of concerts, film projections and exhibitions in this June festival in Seville. Read all about it [6]. 2010 festival programme [5]. Win tickets! [7].

Andalusia Festival Guide 2010 Seville Magic Festival [8]

22 May - 06 June. Seville Magic Festival. Seville [2] (Seville [3])
Some of the most impressive magicians in the world come together in Seville once a year to dazzle and surprise you with their magical prowess. 2010 Programme [8].

2010 summer festivals in andalusia festival noches de verano en el palacio de la buhaira de seville [9]

09 June - 12 September. Noches de Verano en el Palacio de la Buhaira. Seville [2] (Seville [3])
Theatre, flamenco, rock, pop, opera, blues and zarzuela to fill three hot summer months in Seville. 2010 Programme [9].

2010 summer festivals in andalusia circada sevilla

10 June - 20 June. Circada. Seville [2] (Seville [3])
This spectacular Andalusian circus festival comes to Seville every June. Circus shows take to the streets and public spaces throughout the city. 2010 festival programme [10].

2010 summer festivals in andalusia festival asomate al patio seville [11]

10 June - 19 September. Asómate al Patio. Seville [2] (Seville [3])
Open air cinema (some in original version), concerts, theatrical performances and shows during the hot summer nights in the Patio de la Diputación in Seville. 2010 Programme [11].

2010 summer festivals in andalusia lagarto rock jaen [12]

12 June. Lagarto Rock. Jaen [13] (Jaen [14])
Jaen-based rock music festival where big names on the Spanish circuit share the stage with finalists of the battle of the bands organized by the festival. 2010 festival programme [12].

2010 summer festivals in andalusia festival de granada cines del sur [15]

12 June - 18 June. Cines del Sur Festival Granada [16] (Granada [17])
Asian film, South American cinema and African movies come together in this fabulous festival in the city of Granada. Read all about it [18]. 2010 Programme [15].

2010 summer festivals in andalusia south new fashion latitude cadiz [19]

16 June - 19 June. South 36.32N: New Fashion Latitude. Cadiz [20] (Cadiz [21])
Independent fashion festival South 36.32N brings together artists experimenting with art, fashion and design. Catwalks, shows, stands, conferences, competitions, art, gastronomy and exhibitions. Read all about it [22]. 2010 Programme [12].

2010 summer festivals in andalusia festival internacional de musica y danza de granada [23]

24 June - 14 July. International Festival of Music and Dance in Granada Granada [16] (Granada [17])
Classical music, flamenco and dance in all its guises are the stars of the show in this festival. Concerts and shows throughout Granada. Read all about it [24]. 2010 Programme [23].

2010 summer festivals in andalusia Noches en los Jardines del Real Alcazar seville [25]

30 June - 12 September. Noches en los Jardines del Real Alcázar 2010. Seville [2] (Seville [3])

June, July, August and September are filled with live classical and world music as the gardens of the Real Alcázar become home to a series of open air concerts. 2010 Programme [25].

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