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Andalusia Festival Guide - March 2011

The events guide for March 2011 is a sight for sore eyes! Music festivals, film festivals, photographic festivals… March is a good month for our 2011 Andalusia events guide. Make sure you check it so you don’t miss anything!

By:  Tertulia Andaluza
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Festival Musicaula Andalusia Festival Guide March 2011

08 November - 12 June. Festival Musicaula. Spain
A pioneering festival that gives fresh talent the chance to kick-start their careers. A festival for bands and schools from all over the country.2011 Programme.

XII Cordoba Photography Biennale Andalusia Festival Guide March 2011

21 January - 10 March. XII Cordoba Photography Biennale. Cordoba (Cordoba)
Every two years the galleries of Cordoba are filled with photographs by some of the most prestigious photographers from around the world. Cordoba celebrates its XII Biennal of Photography with fifteen photography exhibitions throughout the city. 2011 Programme.

2011 Andalusia Festival Guide Latitudes

21 February - 07 April. Festival Latitudes. Huelva (Huelva)
Robert Capa, Yao Lu, Chema Madoz, Emilio Morenatti…. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an aficionado, this is a paradise for photographers living in or travelling through Andalusia. 2011 Programme.

Andalusia Festival Guide March 2011 Festival Flamenco de Jerez

25 February - 12 March. XV Jerez Flamenco Festival. Jerez (Cadiz)
One of the most important flamenco festivals in Andalusia filled with concerts, exhibitions and excellent workshops. Read all about it. 2011 Programme.

Cadiz Carnival Andalusia Festival Guide March 2011

03 March - 13 March. Cadiz Carnival. Cadiz (Cadiz). This is an unmissable even for those wanting to find out more about Carnival in Cadiz and get to know the city and its people. Read all about it. 2011 Programme.

Andalusia Festival Guide March 2011 Muestra de Cine Espanol Inedito

05 March - 11 March. Muestra de Cine Español Inédito (Festival of Unseen Spanish Films). Jaen (Jaen)
Dozens of films made and produced in Spain come together in Jaen in this young film festival. 2011 Programme.

Andalusia Festival Guide March 2011 Festival Internacional Escenamobile

10 March - 13 March. Escenamobile Festival. Seville (Seville)
An international festival of art and disability from the dance company Danza Mobile that takes place in Seville in collaboration with the Teatro Lope de Vega. 2011 Programme.

Andalusia Festival Guide March 2011 Malaga Spanish Film Festival

26 March - 02 April. Malaga Spanish Film Festival. Malaga (Malaga)
Premiers of the best of Spanish film, conferences, concerts, workshops and screenings. Once a year, anyone who is anyone in the Spanish film industry heads south to take part in the Malaga Film Festival. Read all about it. 2011 Programme.

Andalusia Festival Guide March 2011 Festival Cosmopoetica

Festival Cosmopoética. Cordoba (Cordoba)
Poetry is alive and well thanks to festivals such as this one. Taking poetry all over the city, the city is now producing some of the most interesting poets on the scene today. Read all about it.

Andalusia Festival Guide March 2011 Festival South Pop

Festival South Pop. Seville (Seville)
Big names from the national and international music scene in one of the most interesting independent music festivals in Andalusia. Read all about it.



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