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Eutopía Festival

Location: Cordoba. Protagonists: members of that unique species, loved by some and despised by others, known as young people. Objective: “to reflect on the value and necessity of youth culture”. You think we’re kidding? Come and check it out for yourself at Eutopía Festival every September.

By:  T. de la Rosa
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Youth culture festival
2011 Programme[/lang_en
Birth: 2005
Location: Cordoba
Directed by: R. Palacios
Stands out for: supporting a new wave of artists for the future

Summer’s up and in Cordoba you’ll find hundreds of young people scribbling on walls and flying through the city on skateboards alongside a multitude of urban tribes sitting in plazas watching concerts, street theatre and circus performances. Things which are illegal and condemned by the law in other places have found a home in this festival of youth culture that has opened its doors (and why not windows too while we are at the metaphors) to new trends in the art world.

For Rogelio Palacios, provincial director of the Andalusian Institute of Youth (Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud - IAJ) in Cordoba and director of the initiative “Eutopía is our way of backing an emerging urban culture, such as graffiti, hip hop and video art, that is on a par with theatre or photography”.

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This avant-garde event is breaking all the rules. The educational component gives young people the chance to talk with big names such as David Trueba, Javier Cercas, Espido Freire and Luis García Montero. Exhibitions “fill the streets with art to bring it in contact with the public,” explains Palacios. Finally, in what the director labels a “space for cultural enjoyment”, the festival “reflects on what is happening culturally in Spain” through theatre, cinema and music.

The likes of Loquillo, Amaral, Facto Delafé and La Excepción have performed on the stages of Eutopía, while the festivals workshops have included African percussion, poetry and electronic music. Every year the streets of Cordoba witness young people improvising with short films, music and painting. The constant evolution of IT has shaped the identity of Eutopía since it began in 2005. “Art is alive,” explains Palacios. “Culture has evolved over the centuries and we are currently living a crucial moment. We are undergoing a technological revolution side by side with a social revolution that is occurring in tandem with the current economic crisis. Art feeds off all of these things”.

Aside from being a showcase for new ideas and artistic collaborations, Eutopía has one clear objective: to be a meeting point between different cultures. Africa, Asia and Latin America are all present in the different activities of the festival. In this way culture becomes a “tool conducive to learning about the reality of other continents that are not as homogenous as we sometimes believe. Understanding helps with coexistence,” concludes Palacios.

From the organizers of this Festival in Cordoba, one thing is perfectly clear. Young people are the flag-bearers of vanguard and have our future in their hands. So there.


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El 7 September 2010 a las 4:35 PM, Elena dijo...

Deseo participar al festival EUTOPIA en Cordova,como artista de calle, caricaturista.
Podrìan ponerme en contacto con la organizacion?
Cordial saludo.




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