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Turrón cocktail
Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Serving suggestion: add whipped cream on top
Did you know? *Turrón: A tradition Spanish sweet eaten at Christmas time, usually made with almonds or chocolate.

Caballo Turrón Cocktail

It tastes like melted turrón* and although it doesn’t really fall under the category of aperitif, is can be considered a luxury dessert from Rota for adults only.

By: Narciso Santamaría 'Chicho' - Coctelería Dardo

This cocktail is originally from Rota and was created around forty years ago by the bartenders at Pub Caballo Blanco, as it was known back then. Today, it is known as Coctelería Dardo. Manuel Ramos Ramos and Manuel Trujillo were the barmen responsible for introducing cocktails to the people of Cadiz all those years ago.

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1. Place five crushed ice cubes in a blender and add peanuts, chocolate liqueur, egg liqueur and condensed milk.

2. Blend together for 30 seconds or until the peanuts have been ground.

3. Serve in a large, tall glass and decorate with whipped cream.


  • Caballo Turrón Cocktail
    50 ml white chocolate liqueur (Pico)
    50 ml egg liqueur (Advocaat)
    30 ml condensed milk (soup spoon)
    20 ml peanuts (soup spoon)
    Crushed ice

  • Getting there?

    Coctelería Dardo
    Avenida San Fernando, 4
    Rota (Cádiz)

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