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Cocktail Too Late

Javier de las Muelas returns to surprise us once more with a cocktail made with Chocolate Vodka from Cadiz-based company Pancracio. Awaken your taste buds with the texture and contrasts in this spectacular cocktail made for adventurous drinkers.

By:  T. de la Rosa
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Serving suggestion: add a chopped chilli to a glass of Chocolate Vodka for a couple of days to give it a little kick
Stands out for: its surprising texture
Did you know? Chocolate Vodka is made in Cadiz

If chocolate vodka is already a huge step forward for the world of liquers, this cocktail created by the brilliant mind of Javier de las Muelas takes cocktail mixing to a new and innovative level using Andalusian products. While Pedro Ximénez featured in Ximz, this time Chocolate Vodka from Cadiz-based company Pancracio takes centre stage to create a new cocktail known only as Too Late. Because we want you to be the life and soul of the party, here’s the recipe we found published in the book Chocolate moderno by Pedro Álvarez. Don’t be afraid, it’s much easier than it looks!

1. Blend the water with the Xantana thickener and mix it energetically with a whisk. Leave it to stand.

2. Put the Cacao Pico cocoa liqueur in a cocktail mixer with some ice, the Chocolate Vodka and two teaspoons of the Xantana you’ve prepared in step 1.

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3. Shake vigorously and serve in a martini glass.

4. Decorate with slithers of raspberry and mango and chocolate sprinkles. Due to the viscosity of the liquid they’ll stay suspended on the surface.

Serving suggestion: to add a little kick to your cocktail you could always leave a glass of chocolate vodka for a couple of days with a sliced chilli and then use one part normal chocolate vodka and one part spicy!

© Pancracio. This recipe has been reproduced with permission of Pancracio from the book Chocolate Moderno by Pedro Álvarez.


  • Cocktail Too Late
    1 part Cacao Pico cocoa liqueur
    2 parts Pancracio Chocolate Vodka
    1 teaspoon of Xantana thickener by Ferrán Adriá
    200 ml water
    Chocolate sprinkles
    Slithers of raspberry and mango

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