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Tinto de verano

While it may seem common sense to some, to others the words tinto de verano are alien. I recently overheard a friend order one at a party from a guiri bartender, who asked what it was. She replied “vino con limon” (meaning wine with lemon), only to be presented with a glass of white wine and a lemon. To the guiri bartender, this recipe is dedicated to you.

By:  Cecilia Bogaard
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Wine-based cocktail
Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Serves: 4 people

The concept of having to write a recipe for something so popular may seem strange in Spain. A wine-based cocktail, tinto de verano is for many is synonymous with summer. The name itself literally translates as summer red wine.

Similar, but easier to make than sangria, the tinto de verano is a cheap and refreshing wine cocktail served in a highball glass. It can be bought ready-bottled from supermarkets, but these concoctions usually have an awful metallic after-taste.

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If preparing for more than one person, serve in a one and a half litre jug. You can use either Casera (a sugar-free soda), Sprite or event lemon Fanta depending on taste. When made with Fanta it is known as a tinto con limon. Variations include the Calimocho, the combination of red wine with coca cola.


1. Place the ice and lemon slices into your glass or jug.
2. Pour in half wine and half soda over the ice.
3. Add the Martini Rosso if you want a little extra kick.
4. Serve immediately.


  • Sangria
    1/2 litre of young red wine
    1/2 litre of Casera, Sprite or lemon Fanta
    Lemon slices
    A dash of Martini rosso (optional)


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