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Top 5 Aphrodisiacs

Does food really have the power to increase your libido and stir up passion when you thought all was lost? There is much debate on the subject. Is it a physiological reality or psychological delusion? Whatever the truth may be, eating for pleasure, and not just necessity, is pure ecstasy for all your senses. And if it can lead to a little fun after dinner, we don’t see any problem in asserting that the smell, taste and texture of certain foods can liven up even the dullest of parties.

By: Zoe

top 5 afrodisiacosPhoto: ©Alan Saunders [1]

top5 afrodisiacos chili1. Chilli
A great addition to your meal on a dark winter night. It can increase your body temperature and bring about the mood for letting your passion and imagination run wild. One of the components of these peppers is capsaicin, a substance that can stimulate your sensory neurons and make you sweat, effects that are similar to those experienced when having sex. Another side effect is the burning sensation it can provoke in your mouth. (Photo: ©Fabrizio Di Gennaro [2])
top5 afrodisiacos granada2. Pomegranate
Alongside figs, the pomegranate is one of the most sensual fruits in existence. Known as granada in Spanish, it gave its name to the Andalusian city of Granada during the Moorish period. A symbol of fertility, temptation and pleasure, its hard exterior hides hundreds of coloured seeds of the most incredible pink-red colour that contain a sweet and tasty liquid. To open one and see what nature can create is in itself an exciting experience. (Photo: ©Emanuela [3])
top 5 afrodisiacos chocolate3. Chocolate
This delicious delicacy has always been entwined with the libido. When you feel chocolate melt in your mouth it is in itself a truly erotic experience. If we look at its nutritional content two things are clear. Chocolate contains serotonin and phenethylamine, both chemical substances that activate the sensation of pleasure in the brain. If you get a chance, try these chocolates made by Bonnoir [4] in Granada. (Photo: ©ChrissyJ [5])
top 5 afrodisiacos esparrago4. Asparagus
A phallic symbol that deserves the label of aphrodisiac. There is no chemical analysis to prove that they are, but since psychology is one of the essential elements to any increase in sexual desire, we believe this plant should be part and parcel of any romantic menu. In nineteenth century France, they thought the same. Bridegrooms were served three courses of the vegetable at their prenuptial dinner. (Photo: ©exlibris [6])
top 5 afrodisiacos ostra5. Oyster
Apart from the obvious sexual allusions we need not comment on here, oysters have a high zinc content which helps in the creation of sperm and increases testosterone levels. Accompanied by champagne (but not too much since alcohol can act as a powerful inhibitor) these molluscs are the perfect aperitif to any dinner. Be careful! They often cause bad stomach aches, and that could dampen your evening. (Photo: ©Claudia Wedell [7])

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