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Fennel and bean stew

What do gypsies from Jerez cook and how do they prepare their food? Manual Valencia, a talented gypsy chef from Cadiz showcases the best of Andalusian tradition.

By:  Manuel Valencia
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Traditional cooking
Type: stew
Serves: 4 people
Difficulty: easy

Gypsy blood runs through Manual Valencia’s veins. Andalusian tradition is present in all his dishes and to these he adds his own creative and modern touch. This chef from Cadiz is recognised as one of the most important figures in contemporary cuisine. His wisdom, skill and magic touch in the kitchen are embodied in each of the recipes he creates. He is now sharing all of this with Tertulia Andaluza so that gypsy cooking from Jerez can be celebrated by everyone.

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These casseroles are completely vegetarian, made without meat or fat. They often include seasonal vegetables like oyster plant and the stalks of prickly artichoke thistle (also known as “arrecife artichoke”), green beans, celery and pumpkin. Casseroles made with beans often include peas. The most well known stews also contain small white beans which gypsies call “frijones”. One of the most famous recipes is ‘frijones’ emperejilados (beans with parsley). The beans are boiled in water with a bulb of garlic, a little olive oil, a sprig of parsley and some paprika.


1. Cook the beans in a large pan filled with water. When the water begins to boil, pour away and replace with fresh water, adding the bulb of garlic, a small onion, some fennel, a little paprika or saffron and a dash of olive oil.

2. First boil on a high heat and then on a medium heat until the beans are tender.

3. When the stew is ready, remove the oil.


  • Beans
    1 bulb of garlic
    1 small onion
    Manteca “colorá” (coloured lard), paprika or saffron
    A dash of oil

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