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Dejar atrás el agua. Nueve nuevos poetas cubanos - Fruela Fernández & Juan Antonio Bernier

Poetry by Cuban writers including René Coira, Teresa Fornaris, Eduard Encina Ramírez, Alejandro Ponce, Leymen Pérez, Óscar Cruz, Yunier Riquenes García, Legna Rodríguez Iglesias and Karel Bofill Bahamonde make up the pages in this book published as part of the 2011 edition of Cosmopoética Poetry Festival in Cordoba.

By:  Tertulia Andaluza
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Author: Fruela Fernández & Juan Antonio Bernier
Year: 2011
Did you know? you can win win your own copy online

The Cosmopoética Poetry Festival has travelled to Cuba to discover some of their poets. The result? An anthology of work by some of the more recent poetic talent from the island.

This book is filled with a variety of styles produced at the turn of the century that don’t lose sight of their uniquely intense Cuban heritage: from Lezama Lima to José Kozer or Lorenzo García Vega to the ‘Diáspora(s)?’ group. Nine new (at least in Europe) poets born between 1970 and 1986 writing from the perspective of diversity, far from dogmatic posturing that in literary history attempts to identify authenticity using limitation.

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Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 22 March 2011 a las 2:33 PM, Yunier Riquenes García dijo...

Gracias por el proyecto de este libro que nos lleva a tierras españolas. El verso arde y quema. Abrazo a los Hacedores desde Cuba, Yunier.

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 22 March 2011 a las 8:08 PM, Leymen Pérez dijo...

Dejás atrás el agua reúne a nueve jóvenes poetas cubanos que tienen una voz muy personal dentro de la poesía cubana contemporánea.

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