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Top 5 Online Bookstores

There’s something wonderful about receiving a package in the post, whether you ordered it yourself or not! Here’s a selection of our favourite websites for buying books online. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in your local bookshop, here are five sites for buying English and Spanish language books and getting them delivered to your door.

By: Tertulia Andaluza

Web: Book Depository [1]The Book Depository

Winner of the bookseller.com retail awards in 2009, the Book Depository was founded in 2004 by Andrew Crawford, a former employee of Amazon.co.uk. So, what makes it our favourite online bookstore? Free worldwide delivery makes this the cheapest option for buying books online if you live outside the UK. Other reasons include intuitive interface, easy currency selection and free downloadable eBooks. Unfortunately the site is 100% in English and there are still not all that many Spanish language books in their system. bookdepository.co.uk [1].

Amazon online book store [2]Amazon

An American-based company that started out as an online bookstore in 1995, Amazon gives you ideas inspired by your browsing history and users with similar tastes. You can rate and review books and see what other readers thought. To see what your friends and family really want, check out the wish list feature. While most books are in English, there is a wide selection of Spanish language books. The site also sells films, music and electronics. Delivery is not free: if you live outside the UK or USA this can eat a huge chunk out of your budget. amazon.co.uk [2].

Web: Casa del Libro [3]Casa del Libro

Casa del Libro deserves a place for being the leading website for Spanish language books, but the sites design and usability leave much to be desired. The general feel is of a website that’s remained firmly back in 1996 (the year it went live). Casadellibro.com doesn’t incite users to share comments about books or spend much time online. It is, however, the only site we’ve found that allows users to browse in either Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, French or English. But take note, the English translations are appalling! casadellibro.com [3].


FNAC came to Spain in 1993. A subsidiary of the PPR Group, owners of GUCCI and Yves Saint Laurent, FNAC seems to embody all things French. The website itself is less interactive than Amazon and more of a clear-cut web store and the English language book selection is pretty limited. On the plus side, the advanced search allows you to search by book language and medium, although it doesn’t always work. You can reduce costs by picking your book up at your nearest store. The site also sells music, films, concert tickets and electronics. fnac.es [4].

Web: IberLibro [5]IberLibro

Founded in 1995 in Australia, IberLibro is the Spanish limb of the Abebooks community, a subsidiary of Amazon.com. The network covers English, German, French and Italian books and sells new, second-hand, first edition, rare, signed and out-of-print books and textbooks from thousands of booksellers around the world. Rates and shipping times are dependent on booksellers, as is the efficiency of the system. The site itself is not very user-friendly, featured books are often out of stock and books can take a while to arrive. iberlibro.com [5].

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