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Leda Tres

This musical sensation from Puerto de Santa María (Cadiz) has sent shock waves throughout the music scene. Why? It must have something to do with their psychedelia, brilliant harmonies and electrifying energy. Classicism disguised as a satellite from Jupiter.

By:  Lakshmi I. Aguirre
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Pop band
Birth: en 2006
Location: El Puerto de Santa María (Cadiz)
Stands out for: classic melodies and retro-pop look
Did you know? if you add Ángel Figueroa, Paco Loco and Remate, you get the Paco Loco Trío

Huge sunglasses, shocking colours and seventies-style sideburns. Energy and odour filled gigs (their odour experiments during live performances are famed as they spray strawberry bubblegum smells into the air). Poetic lyrics, skill (between them they have studied jazz, folk and rock) and that extra special something that producer Paco Loco brings to each and every project. Made up of the Fernández brothers, Chuchi Cabral and Patricio Espejo, Ledatres invites us on a luminous intergalactic journey towards a place where classic rock and pop is turned on its head. We spoke with Pedro Fernández, the voice of the band.

Q: In Greek mythology, are you Leda, the swan, the angry husband, or one of her bastard children?

A: We represent each and every one of them. It’s not that we are big fans of Greek mythology. We discovered the story much later. The name came from a small satellite orbiting Jupiter. Tres is just a way to triangulate the name, because three is a magic number. It gives it a more spacey feel. The lyrics we sing are pretty cosmic.

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Q: Were you born in the wrong era or would you have felt out of place during the 1960s?

A: We are where we are meant to be. We are content with the place we occupy in the cosmos.

Q: Would it be fair to say that the Beach Boys had Phil Spector, while Ledatres has Paco Loco?

A: Yes (he laughs). Though it would be more like George Martin. Paco is the last piece of the puzzle. Without it Ledatres wouldn’t make any sense. Imaginative and restless, he’s really embraced the project wholeheartedly.

Q: Your music is a folk, jazz, pop, rock and a little touch of something undefinable. How much need is there in the music world for something that is more classic rather than original?

A: Modernity is an ambiguous and fluctuating concept by any account. At the moment classic rock and pop is back in fashion. Thousands of bands out there, such as the Killers or the Strokes, seem modern on the outset but in reality are following classic rhythms. You should always experiment and turn things on their head. We are a classic band but we try to create a particular sound and find new avenues of expressing it. People may say “this band has elements of the Who or Bowie”. But what we want to sound like is more personal. We want to sound like Ledatres.

Q: More than the change from English to Spanish, the difference between your first album Hypnagogic and your second is that you have fine-tuned your harmonies and musicality. Would you say you’ve matured?

A: The most important thing in life is to evolve in everything you do. We’ve come a long way since our first album. The fundamental difference with this album is that it is a live studio recording. We wanted to try to bring across the energy from our concerts. We worked hard on both albums, but I think you can hear how much we have evolved after playing so many concerts together and living on the road. It’s a fantastic feeling.

Q: Did recording a live studio recording prepare you for your gigs?

A: Yes. Although I humbly believe we have enough experience to do well on stage. We have a great connection with the audience. It’s a positive experience because you can feel the energy, that special electrical charge you get from doing something live.

Q: We know who has the voice. But who writes the lyrics?

A: That would be me. At times we’ve joined forces with musicians such as Paco Loco or Remate, who gave me their lyrics and told me to use them however I thought best. I write in a very passionate way. I love automatic writing and have experimented with certain feelings such as a breakup. Emotion is important. I’ve written the songs myself, but many people have given me great ideas.

Q: Your song Vuelo hacia el mar (I fly to the sea) left me depressed for over a week. You’re a pretty sentimental guy, aren’t you?

A: This song defines the poetry of Ledatres in a very emotional way. It’s a piece inspired by the experience of a strong love followed by a strong falling out of love, intertwined with my dreamworld. It has a touch of psychedelia and surrealism, highs and lows. I’ve left the lyrics pretty open because it’s important that people can read their own stories into a song. Just about all of our lyrics are guided by the devil that is love and falling out of love, because in reality that is what makes the world go round.

Q: The critics seemed to love the album Mis operaciones habituales.

A: I’m pretty sceptical when it comes to critics because in reality they can’t really help you much unless you have someone strong backing and promoting your music. It’s a shame to have to say it. We’re a band who has a great time and loves to do things even if we lose money in the process. The point is to live the moment, have as much fun as you can and to create something you are proud of. The critics seemed to love it and of course everybody loves a compliment.

Q: How long do you think your popularity will last?

A: We are already working on our third album. We are fiercely creative. We don’t want to stop producing albums while we still feel the creative urge.

Q: Aside from singing and writing, you also draw.

A: Illustration is my strongest passion.

Q: Why is there a sheep on your album cover?

A: In reality the sheep was part of a drawing of two old men. A sheep walks past them and for some reason they get really pissed off. It’s a little surreal. The designer ended up just using the sheep. It’s a little psychedelic and personal. But the wood backdrop works to highlight the more mature approach we have taken in this album.

Q: Who are your intergalactic companions? What other Andalusian bands deserve out attention?

A: At the moment I’m also playing in a band from Cordoba. It’s called Flow and includes Fernando Vacas. Top of my list would be the G.A.S. Drummers who are great bunch of young guys. In Puerto Santa María you’ll find the Little Cobras, a garage band making fantastic music. In Jaen you’ve got Beth Loring… There are may interesting projects going on. But in Andalusia, the hard truth is that you can’t live from your music. In the end most of us end up dedicating out time to other things. We give our body and soul to our music. It can be frustrating, but it does give you energy.

Q: And the typical question: Why does Ledatres sing?

A: Because we’re a bunch of restless musical fools. We sing for fun and for love. If you don’t make music to have a good time, you might as well forget it. It’s purely a question of personal enjoyment.

Sounds like...

• LEDATRES. Mis operaciones habituales del disco homónimo. (Origami Records, 2009)
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LEDA TRES El alpinista ( paco loco recording ) from La film Video Magazine on vimeo.


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