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Review: No creerás que el viento sopla por ti

Thousands of layers and textures concealed in just four songs. A glimmer of Californian pop from another era makes its way to the coast of Marbella with this new album by Los Elementos.

By:  Juan Valentín Romero
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Don’t think that the wind blows for you
Artist: Los Elementos
Year: 2009
Nationality: Spanish
Genre: pop
Stands out for: the intricate musical arrangements

The music on the latest creation from the Marbella-based Los Elementos has evolved since their first album Punto de Partido (2006). The recording was once again under the charge of Pablo Sánchez, responsible for albums by Sr. Chinarro, Los Planetas, and the indie band Grupo de Expertos Solynieve. What is clear from the first track (the revealing Milhojas) to the last, is their taste for intricate musical arrangements, full of light and nuances that work together to enrich these new compositions.

Four gems in which the guitars will play tricks on your ears. A breath of fresh air that drinks from the notes of times gone by and is filled with riffs of guitars that take us on a trip down memory lane to the days of the Beatles in Sin Gravedad. A crescendo of tinkles that mimic the state of mind in which you’ll find yourself on hearing La Pelirroja, the third track of a deliberate album that, like a delicious broth, has been slow-cooked. While some albums have one or two details in which the listener can revel, this album is brimming with thousands of elements that make it a pleasure to listen to the tracks over and over in the hope of stumbling across them. Open the window and inhale the fresh air as you take this oneiric journey out west accompanied by the instrumental track Viaje en el tren Bala.

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No creerás que el viento sopla por ti is a self-produced album. While you probably won’t find it in your local music retailer, if you take the time to find Los Elementos on myspace you can take a listen. I’d recommend you try to get your own copy, along with its beguiling cover designed by Australian fan and illustrator Ken Wong. That’s what’s great about the Internet. It helps connect us through our interests and discover projects like this one. Go on, give it a go.


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El 1 October 2009 a las 1:11 AM, Javi dijo...

Mola mucho la crítica. Esta semana me compro el disco. Enhorabuena!

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