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Top 5 Albums 2008

2008 was certainly a good year for music in Andalusia. Our critics have chosen their favourite albums for your listening pleasure. So put on your headphones and let the world pass you by.

By: Tertulia Andaluza

Top 5 Discos 2008 Top 5 Albums 2008

pablo de malaga de enrique morentePablo de Málaga by Enrique Morente (Caimán Records)

The poet Picasso comes back to life in the guise of Enrique Morente. Made up of thirteen tracks, his album Pablo de Málaga (Pablo from Malaga) will leave more than one of you in a state of shock after your first listen. The painter from Malaga was not the greatest of writers, but Morente is a great musician, a fact demonstrated in each of his albums. In Pablo de Málaga he rediscovers his roots in an album that pays homage to both childhood and the earth.

rio de canasteros de diego amadorRío de canasteros by Diego Amador (World Village)

The rumbas, tangos and bulerías come to life under the agile fingers of this pianist from Seville. Nominated to the Latin Grammy Awards in 2008, Río de los canasteros show off his voice and skill on the guitar. Accompanied by big names such as Tino di Geraldo, Raimundo Amador, Carles Benavent and Tomatito, his third album ensures him recognition as one of the great musicians on the scene today.

lori meyers cronolaneaCronolánea by Lori Meyers (Universal)

This band from Granada takes another step towards pop sublimation with this album filled to the brim with hints of rock and catchy choruses, without losing sight of their personal take on life. Thirteen songs, with their complex musical arrangements, help distance the band from their stereotype as purely indie group. Recorded with Universal, Cronolánea is the epitome of the real Lori Meyers sound.

alto disco airbagAlto Disco by Airbag (Wild Punk Records)

The trio from Estepona is beating all the records with this album. Alto Disco has lead to packed concerts, an exceptionally varied audience and a particularly intense sound. The fun, charming and humble trio that is Jose, Adolfo and Pepillo has enchanted their fans with songs like La gran decepción (one of those tunes that is hard to forget).

souleria de pitingoSoulería by Pitingo (Universal)

”It’s not about changing flamenco. It’s about adding something new”, or so claims Pitingo when speaking about his latest work Soulería. Pitingo has adapted some of the most recognizable tunes from the realms of soul, blues and gospel into his own language, flamenco. Alongside Juan Carmona and The Black Heritage Singers gospel choir from New Orleans, Pitingo continues to infuse his flamenco with black music.


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