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Tertulias in the conTenedor

Tertulia Andaluza and the conTenedor restaurant come together to create a meeting point for emerging artists slap-bam in the centre of Seville. If you’re creative, come and show us what you’ve been up to!

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By:  Tertulia Andaluza
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Thanks to the collaboration of the conTenedor restaurant, we’ve found the ideal setting in Seville to meet our users face-to-face and find out about all the things you’ve been working on. Tertulia Andaluza is a digital showcase of a creative Andalusia. We give a voice to emerging artists, travellers and entrepreneurs who want to share their work and tell their stories. Whatever you do, we’d like you to be a part of it.

If you paint, write, photograph, sculpt, act, compose, sing or have created a project you think we simply have to know about… take note: once a month we’ll be at the conTenedor in Seville ready to discover your work and experiences. Contact us and we’ll book you in (only by appointment). When we said there was a space for you, we meant it.

Make an appointment!

Location: Restaurante conTenedor (C/ San Luis, 50, Seville)
Only by appointment. Contact us.

Recent events:

11. Tertulias in the ConTenedor: MedioMundo Arquitectos

10. Tertulias in the ConTenedor: Concha de la Rosa

9. Tertulias in the ConTenedor: Nuria Postigo

8. Tertulias in the ConTenedor: Alejandro Botubol

7. Tertulias in the ConTenedor: Editorial Ultramarina

6. Tertulias in the ConTenedor: Paco Cifuentes

5. Tertulias in the ConTenedor: Yo Digo Pío

4. Tertulias in the ConTenedor: Chapismo

3. Tertulias in the ConTenedor: Silvia Nanclares from Helvéticas

2. Tertulias in the ConTenedor: Alexku

1. Tertulias in the ConTenedor: Ricardo Llinares



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El 20 January 2011 a las 11:51 PM, Carlos Bautista dijo...

¿Cuando es la próxima tertulia?

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El 3 November 2011 a las 10:00 AM, Paco Rivero dijo...

Buenos días, me gusta mucho esta idea, me gustaría conocer un poco más.

Soy el Director de Fundación Promete en Andalucía, en nuestra Web pueden conocernos mejor, somos una entidad sin ánimo de lucro que ayudamos al desarrollo del Talento de las personas.

A lo mejor les parece interesante organizar una tertulia cono nosotros , o que de alguna forma participemos en ellas.

Un saludo

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El 23 December 2013 a las 5:54 AM, Frank dijo...

mortally@antler.barataria” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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El 8 February 2015 a las 1:23 AM, chester dijo...

catastrophe@proposal.sarahs” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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El 8 February 2015 a las 1:56 AM, otis dijo...

apparel@assassinated.bouvier” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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