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Top 5 Albums 2010

We did it in 2008. We did it again in 2009. Due to popular demand we’ve put our thinking caps on to decide which are the top 5 albums produced in Andalusia in 2010. Five very special albums that you simply must discover if you want to know what’s brewing in the Andalusian music scene.

By:  Abel Guerola
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Top 5 Top 5 Albums 2010

Top 5 albums 2010 A ver quien llega antes al fin mañanaA ver quién llega antes al fin - Mañana

The lead singer of Mañana explained in an interview in Mondosonoro: “I don’t think anyone else is doing what we’re doing in Spanish”. Far from arrogant, he was spot on with this observation. Aside from adapting American pop-folk to Spanish tastes, there are many more reasons to include this album on our list. The debut album of this Seville-based band manages to be sombre without being boring. It is piercing and revealing without being depressing or offensive. In it’s wake it’s leaving us with some fantastic tunes, especially El fuego en casa.

Top 5 albums 2010 Cuando el destino nos alcance Lori MeyersCuando el destino nos alcance - Lori Meyers

“And Lori Meyers began to dance”. This phrase is perfect to sum up the feel of the fourth album by this Granada-based band. Lori Meyers has set aside their heavy guitar sounds to focus their energy on dance anthems. In so doing they’ve managed to distance themselves once and for all from the sound of their compatriots Los Planetas. While the album is noteworthy, it may not be their best. However, when it comes to potential hits, this album is superior to the last three.

Top 5 albums 2010 kiko veneno dice la genteDice la gente - Kiko Veneno

After five long years without recording an album, Kiko Veneno is back in fine form. One of the most important and influential musicians in the Spanish music industry of the last 35 years, this Catalan based in Seville, has returned with an album that spans his full range of styles: from rumba and flamenco, to mystic, Hindu, African and Dylanesque. Aside from a few self-indulgent and obvious moments, this album is definitely the best he’s recorded in the last fifteen years.

Top 5 albums 2010 flor de frontera el gueto con botasFlor de Frontera - El Gueto con Botas

One of the most pleasant surprises within the Andalusian music scene this year. They define their sound as folk fusion, but any attempt at categorization falls short of the creative richness patent in this debut album by Seville-based band El Gueto con Botas. While there are shades of folk and fusion, there is a hint of vaguely seventies rock, drum and bass moments, crazy instrumentals, a beautiful version of a classic Sephardic tune and lyrics that are far from simple. This is an album filled with colour and harmonies thanks to the input from Rubén Díez.

Top 5 albums 2010 un gramo de fe pony bravoUn gramo de fe - Pony Bravo

After their incredibly personal debut album, the only possible route for Pony Bravo was to create a second album even more imbued with their unique sound. This has created a radical and excessive sound, that bears testament to that the fact that they aren’t planning to produce more commercial music any time soon. More than just songs, this album is a psychedelic trip filled with Andalusian roots and southern rock, alongside kraut rock and reggae. While it can become a little much at times, they’ve managed to create a unique sound that is incredibly stimulating.



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El 31 January 2011 a las 3:52 PM, Javier dijo...

Con Mañana dais en el clavo, es un pedazo de grupo y, es verdad, nadie hace lo que ellos tan bien. Su frontman, Cristóbal, apunta un desparpajo y unas maneras como compositor que dan vértigo para lo joven que es. Y el grupo, con el bajista apu a la cabeza suena muy bien. Larga vida para Mañana

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El 31 January 2011 a las 4:18 PM, MAK dijo...

pues no votaré porque mi voto iba para TRISFE… pero no está entre los 5, qué pena!

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El 19 January 2015 a las 12:51 AM, louis dijo...

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