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¡500 mujeres en la banda sonora de The One World Tour!

De los creadores de los galardonados documentales del mundo chopper como Choppertown o Brittown, and the Harbortown Bobber viene la última creación de One World Studios. Guadalupe Plata formarán parte de la banda sonora con 500 mujeres. Parte del blog Ecos del Pantano del grupo Guadalupe Plata en Tertulia Andaluza.

Por: Tertulia Andaluza

Os dejamos aquí un trailer y unas palabras de uno de los directores, Zack Hoffmann:

“Here’s the teaser for our new film…what do you guys think? Please help us by posting it everywhere you can think of. Thanks as always, we couldn’t do any of this without you. Stay independent.

Pick it up at: choppertown.com [1]

What happens when two indie directors are given the chance to take the trip of a lifetime? Join filmmakers Zack Coffman and Scott DiLalla on a crazy six week trip as they show their films throughout Europe, meeting underground builders and throwing parties along the way. As they blast through each country they are met by local friends and fans who treat them like long lost family. Part travelogue, part video diary, and part biker mayhem, this once in a lifetime adventure is not to be missed.

From the directors of the award-winning biker documentaries Choppertown, Brittown, and the Harbortown Bobber comes the newest biker creation from One World Studios.

Featuring: Mods vs. Rockers Chicago, Johnny’s Garage Germany, Bosse Jensen and Gasoline Magazine Sweden, Kopteri Finland, Tridays Austria, Los Tremendos Latinos Barcelona, Independence Weekend Jesolo Italy with Sinners Sweden, Baron’s Speedshop and The Ace Cafe London, Custom Sickles, The Preacher, Voodoo Beat, Custombike, Wild Magazine, Kutty Noteboom, and many more.

Amazing original soundtrack by Ezio, Frank Carillo, Talco, Superpunk, Guadalupe Plata, The Cosh Boys, Nobelkommitten, Rantanplan, Phantastix, Moritz Kraemer, and more.

Thanks as always for the support. Stay independent.”

Runtime: over 2 hours!
Region: 0 (ALL regions guaranteed - USA, Europe, Japan OK!)

Sigue a Guadalupe Plata [2] en su blog Ecos del Pantano [3] en Tertulia Andaluza.

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