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Guadalupe Plata en prensa

El trío de Úbeda ha revolucionado a la prensa internacional con su gira por EE.UU. Ahí van algunos enlaces a los artículos y entrevistas publicados. Seguimos a Guadalupe Plata en su blog Ecos del Pantano.

Por: Tertulia Andaluza

1. Efter den audiovisuella stormen (Suecia) [1]

“Guadalupe Plata; extatisk alt-bluesrock från Andalusien” por Erik Augustin Palm.

Guadalupe Plata! [2]

“Dig Guadalupe Plata. Straight outta Ubeda, Spain.Creepy Hi-LO-Fi swampy espanafied punkass monster blues.Jeffrey Lee Pierce would be Proud. Damn proud. As will you” por Rick Saunders.

2. SXSW CD Swag Sampler! [3]

“Guadalupe Plata: I got this from a gent at the booth promoting new music from Spain in the trade show in the convention center. Guadalupe Plata are a 3 piece playing big, heavy blues ala Black Keys, R.L. Burnside and John Lee Hooker, played w/drastic fire and amazing chops, especially on the slide guitar. In addition to these masters their MySpace mentions Hound Dog Taylor, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Skip James, Son House and Elmore James. Who knew the Spanish had the dirty blues gene? Amazing stuff” por Carl Hann.

3. SXSW Showcases [4]

“Guadalupe Plata of Spain makes a pass at bayou blues, effortlessly combining hypnotic percussion, possessed guitars, and devilish bass for a fine tribute to old-school bluesmen, conjured with deep and abiding respect” por Belinda Acosta.

4. I’m on on roooooftop biatch! [5]

“10:00 - We hit Spill for Los Lonely Boys, meet up with Haydn Vitera and all the mexicans (Oh come on, you know all the Tejanos and Mexicanos, including me and Randall, Loooooooove some Los Lonely Boys). The show was in ah-mazing. Guadalupe Plata, from Spain, played before, they were good, the bass player was playing a pretty interesting piece, it looked like a standup broomstick with Springs” por Stephanie Bergara.

5. Guadalupe Plata Interview: SXSW 2010 [6]

“Two young swamp blues worshippers — Pedro de Dios Barcelo and Carlos Jimena — perform a chemical experiment by mixing the rusty-water-wheel chant of Hound Dog Taylor, the darkness of Skip James, the hypnotic rhythms of John Lee Hooker and R.L.Burnside, the madness of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, the sweet sound of Tampa Red, the killer slide of Elmore James and the essence of Son House. Phew. This, apparently, is Guadalupe Plata, who are playing SXSW 2010. They took some time out beforehand to talk to Spinner” por María López.

Sigue a Guadalupe Plata [7] en su blog Ecos del Pantano [8] en Tertulia Andaluza.

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