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Hostels in Andalusia

Youth hostels, backpackers’ hostels, guesthouses, bed & breakfasts, hotels…Call them what you will, but Andalusia has some of the very hippest, liveliest and most distinctive budget accommodation out there!

By: Tertulia Andaluza

And now, with Tertulia Andaluza, you can book anything from the big backpackers’ hostels in the cities, to gorgeous guesthouses in the pueblos, or even out of the way rural retreats right the way across Andalucía.

Click here to book your hostel now! [1]

(For the time being, we’re only rolling out our hostel booking services in English. But the Spanish version will be coming along hot on its heels.)

Backpackers’ hostels in Andalucía have particularly caught on, though, and Seville, Malaga and, especially, Granada, now have some of the most famous hostels in Spain.

What’s more, with no booking fees, you pay the price shown – so you can just click wherever it is you’re looking to go to on the map, pack your bag and hit the road!

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[1] Click here to book your hostel now!: http://www.tertuliaandaluza.com/hostals.php

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