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Things to do in the rain

You don’t need to be Gene Kelly to enjoy rainy days. Here are ten ideas to prove that grey days can also be fun. (Singing and dancing in the rain at night during a storm without your umbrella is optional).

By:  Tertulia Andaluza
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Bajo la lluvia: ideas para no aburrirte - In the rain: things to do to enjoy the rain

boudoirBoudoir (Marbella, Málaga)

Since the beginning of time, sex has been the favorite pastime of humans everywhere. If it rains and you’re home alone (or not), you can always invest a little time in yourself and have some fun! This online shop for erotic toys will give you some ideas. If you’re unsure about where to start, you can always visit their showroom. (C/ Jaén, La Cornisa, 1. Sitio de Calahonda, Mijas Costa, Málaga).

centro andaluz de fotografíaAndalusian Centre of Photography (Almería)

One of its kind in Andalusia, the CAF organizes free classic and contemporary photography exhibitions. It’s worth making the trip to get out of the rain, because it will give you the chance to see some of the best of international photography. A little space dedicated to art that will surprise visitors to Almeria. (C/ Pintor Díaz Molina, 9, Almería).

libreria cincoechegarayCincoechegaray Bookshop (Málaga)

Cincoechegararay is a pleasure for avid readers. The difference lies in the quality of the titles on offer, as well as their selection of vinyl records for collectors. There are also comfortable armchairs and a coffee machine so you can sit and relax in the center of Malaga. Don’t miss the literary tertulias that take place here. (C/ Echegaray, 5, Málaga).

cursos de cocina en casa de gemma diezCooking shows at home with Gemma Díez (Cádiz)

You don’t feel like going out, you’re in the mood to do something with your friends, and on top of it you’re all starving. Gemma Díez has the solution. Bringing you a live cooking show-course straight to your kitchen, Gemma gives you a step-by-step guide to fantastic cooking. Even better, you’ll understand every word. Her workshops cater for anything from 8 to 12 people and the price depends on ingredients. (600441549,

pelicula doctor zhivagoDoctor Zhivago by David Lean, (with scenes filmed in the Alpujarras, Granada)

David Lean bought the novel from Pasternak before leaving the US for England by boat. He started reading and didn’t sleep throughout the entire journey. Highly emotional, he reached Europe with tears in his eyes and created a movie in which poetry and the epic join forces to create a unique experience. A story, a film and actors from another era. A time when cinema was filled with ingenuity, enthusiasm, intelligence and sensibility. Buy it online!

filmoteca de andalucia cordobaFilmoteca de Andalucía (Córdoba)

They rediscover classics in original language version and show independent cinema. This is your chance to watch great movies on the big screen by directors ignored by commercial chains. They even arrange conferences and animated debates on cinema. €0.90 to sit and revel in the seventh art. (C/ Medina y Corella, 5, Córdoba).

galeria delaguaGalería Delagua (Úbeda, Jaén)

Art is alive and well and living in Ubeda! Visitors to this gallery can find the latest work of well-known artists, thematic exhibits by collectives and even take part in one of their conferences while you’re at it. They also offer special services to collectors such as their Members Club. (C/ Jerquia Alta, 1, Úbeda, Jaén).

hotel ladron de aguaHotel El Ladrón de Agua (Granada)

Inspired by the work of the poet Juan Ramón Jiménez, this hotel makes you feel right at home. Rooms have either incredible views of the Alhambra, or their very own Jacuzzi. Their interiors are decorated in the Mudejar style and will help you forget about the storm outside. There is also a comfortable library and the patio is used for poetry recitals and concerts.(C/ Carrera del Darro,13, Granada)

restaurante choco de cordobaRestaurante Choco (Córdoba)

A warming plate of delicious food can do wonders, including keeping away the flu! If your fridge is empty and the cold has gotten into your bones, Kisko García in Cordoba is one of the best places to eat in Cordoba. Seasonal cooking, fantastic raw materials and a cosy dining room for demanding palates. (C/ Compositor Serrano Lucena, Córdoba).

restaurante contenedor sevillaRestaurante ConTenedor (Sevilla)

Why not get out of the rain and into this bohemian restaurant in Seville that serves up a delicious variety of ingeneous dishes in an intimate atmosphere ideal for conversation (something quite unusual in Seville). We recommend you try their arroz crujiente con pato. They also serve coffee and a selection of homemade cakes for cold winter days. (C/ San Luis, 50, Sevilla)

la espiga de cordobaTaberna La Espiga (Córdoba)

This bar, cafe, venue and meeting point in Cordoba is great for having breakfast, going to a concert or even a poetry recital or emerging art exhibition. Whether it’s raining or not, Taberna La Espiga in Cordoba is a great place for hanging out. Cosy, intimate and with an events calendar brimming with ideas and activities to fill any visit to Cordoba at any time of year. (C/ San Pablo, 4, Córdoba).

libro una bicicleta en la playaBicycle on the Beach by Peter Viertel

There is nothing better than to snuggle up and read when the weather is foul. Peter Viertel, writer and screenwriter who lived in Marbella until his death, takes us on a journey to California in the 1930’s. A beautiful love story between an adolescent and a woman in her forties. This book will definitely make you feel warm inside. Buy it online!


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