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Restaurante Rosa Negra - Tarifa (Cadiz)

Argentinian and Iberian meat served up in the historic centre of Tarifa. Alongside great fish, curious wines and delicious desserts, Ángel Cacciabue is providing a succulent selection of dishes ideal for hardened carnivores in this small restaurant in Tarifa. Like the black rose, this intriguing restaurant is a special find.

By: T. de la Rosa

Argentinian restaurant
Birth: 2001
Founded by: Ángel Cacciabue
Location: Tarifa (Cádiz)
Price: € 22
Stands out for: the quality of their ingredients
Did you know? the desserts are homemade

Tarifa [1] is filled with stories about foreigners who settle along its coastline. Most are tales of tireless travellers and surf junkies who decide to drop anchor when they reach Tarifa. This is the story of Ángel Cacciabue owner of one of the few Argentinian restaurants [2] in Tarifa: Rosa Negra.

Beneath the enigmatic name you’ll find a kitchen that serves up simple food created using only the best quality ingredients, particularly the meat. Restaurante Rosa Negra is about homemade food. To whet your appetite why not start out with their savoury cheese cake, the provoleta Rosa Negra (a surprisingly smooth blend of eight different cheeses) or even the empanadas? Alongside their more elaborate dishes such as the vegetable quiche, grilled food is predominant on the menu: splendidly juicy Argentinian flank steak, exceptional lean pork fillet brought all the way from Huelva [3], or even the locally sourced almadraba tuna.

Cacciabue and the Italian Pietro make up the duo in charge of the griddle and ensure everything is prepared to perfection: “We always ask our clients how they’d like their meat, although we have a pretty strong opinion on the matter: underdone”. An expert in Argentinian cuts, Cacciabue explains: “Meat is like the stern line of a boat: if you slice it in the direction of the fibres, the rope will fray. When it comes to cutting the flank steak it’s the same concept”. A master in the kitchen, Cacciabue doesn’t hesitate when making recommendations to his guests. Simply presented, the dishes are accompanied by baked potatoes and a perfectly dressed salad. On the side, authentic chimichurri and a selection of salts (Maldon, smoked, Himalayan, wine and spiced) for those looking for an extra kick.

All of this food comes accompanied by good wine chosen to satisfy any discerning palate. His wine cellar is made up of more than 800 bottles that range from the classic Ribera del Duero to lesser known designer wines such as Matsu (D. O. Toro), Exclusive Numbernine or even Squared Three (both D.O. Ribera del Queiles in Aragon). “I try to find wines with a limited production to ensure I know where they come from. The bigger wineries usually buy in wine from several locations,” argues Cacciabue.

The cosy dining room at the Rosa Negra restaurant [2] in Tarifa, decorated with wood and orange tones, is divided in two by an arch. While you’d be forgiven for assuming that the first of these is less intimate due to its proximity to the entrance on first glance, the low lighting and the views of the winding alleyway outside make it our favourite spot. On the walls, artwork by emerging artists from in and around Tarifa to keep you company during your Argentinian meal.

Art on the walls and in their desserts: make sure you try the cheesecake, the dulce de leche mousse and chocolate almond cake (without flour and apt for celiacs). But nothing compares to their sublime apple crumble. Homemade treats that round up a perfect meal at the Rosa Negra. Keep your eyes peeled; Cacciabue assures us there’s a black rose hidden somewhere on the premises.