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Tarifa for 10 euros

If you’re stuck for cash but in need of a break, here are some ideas for making the most of Tarifa on a budget. Restaurants, bars, events and more for those with only ten euros in their pocket. Get off the sofa and explore Tarifa!

By:  Tertulia Andaluza
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almedina tarifaAlmedina

Built into the ancient walls of Tarifa, Almedina is perfect for a salad, cocktail or delicious Moroccan tea overlooking the remains of the old city walls. On Thursdays they organize free flamenco shows, that sometimes alternate with jazz or soul. Almedina attracts a big crowd from the local Tarifa-based population. (C/ Almedina, 3, Tarifa, Cadiz).

ambigu tarifaAmbigú

Surprisingly small and deliciously decorated, this tiny cake shop in the centre of Tarifa sells homemade biscuits, muffins, cakes and marmalade alongside wines, coffee and tea. The brainchild of German designer Kathrin and Spanish patissier Aurelio, a cup of coffee with a cake will come to around € 4.50. We recommend sitting at the table out on the street to watch the world go by. (Avda. Sancho IV El Bravo, 25c, Tarifa, Cadiz).

aos travel tarifaAOS Travel

If you’re on a budget but feel like a hike, sign up to the programme Senderos a donación from AOS Travel, a travel and adventure tourism company that will take you on a guided tour (such as Sierra de San Bartolomé) for whatever price you see fit. Check in with them to find out about dates. Only by appointment. (Polígono Industrial La Vega. C/ La Línea de la Concepción, Nave 206, Tarifa, Cadiz).

babachic tarifaBabachic

Babachic specialises in colourful, handmade, wooden beads in all shapes and sizes. With a strong do it yourself ethos, visitors can pick and mix beads and string to create their own personalized jewelry at home. You can also buy their designer jewelry and trinkets. The biggest beads fetch €1.20 and the smallest €0.30. (C/ General Copóns, 1, Tarifa, Cadiz)

bamboo tarifaBamboo

With a jungle ambience, restaurant Bamboo has several options on the menu: coffee, juice, milkshakes, beer or even tropical fruit cocktails. If you’re feeling a little peckish they have salads, sandwiches and delicious breakfasts. The perfect combination won’t come to more than ten euros and you’ll be set for the day. They also have free WIFI. (Plaza de la Alameda, 2, Tarifa, Cadiz).

cafe azul tarifaCafé Azul

First-rate, natural, varied, energy-packed, refreshing and tasty breakfasts. Juices, milkshakes, yogurt with fresh fruit and muesli, cereal, toast and crêpes… For less than ten euros you’ll be ready to greet the day in this charmingly small café in Tarifa. Check out the equally tiny electric blue and white patio. Their menu even comes in English! (C/ Batalla del Salado, Tarifa, Cadiz).

cafe del mar tarifaCafé del Mar Tarifa & Republica Café

The famous international chain has not one, but two, venues in Tarifa. Republica Café is ideal for breakfast, lunch and a drink overlooking the beach, while Café del Mar is for dancing into the wee small hours of the morning listening to the latest DJs, chill out music, house and funk. There are several events and DJ sets every month. Open late. (Avenida Pintor Guillermo Pérez Villalta, 60 / Polígono Industrial La Vega, Tarifa, Cadiz).

chiringuito agua tarifaChiringuito Agua Tarifa

If you’d like to end your day on a high, why not treat yourself to the simple things in life. At this beach bar looking out on the Playa de los Lances you can kick back and watch a fabulous sunset (for free!). If you’d also like a cocktail, drink, sandwich or even a smoothie, all you need is six euros in your pocket. A little sea air and great music will do you a world of good. (Playa de los Lances Norte, 1, Ctra. Nacional 340, Km 82, Tarifa, Cadiz).

baelo claudia tarifaBaelo Claudia Archaeological Centre

A Roman city dating back to the 1st century BC, Baelo Claudia was a centre for the Roman fishing industry producing salted fish and derivatives such as garum. Destroyed by an earthquake in the 2nd century, Baelo Claudia is now an archaeological centre that is open to the public free of charge. In an ideal location, next to the spectacular sand dune in Bolonia, they conduct guided tours in summer. (Bolonia, Tarifa, Cadiz).

hurricane hotel tarifaHurricane Hotel Chiringuito

Overlooking the sea, under the pine trees and hanging over a cliff that gives way to the Atlantic Ocean, the Hurricane Hotel in Tarifa offers up a wide selection of salads in its famed buffet. They also serve fresh fruit juice and homemade cakes. This is the ideal location to enjoy your lunch with great views of Africa. A plate of salad will come to ten euros. If you order a drink, you might go over budget. (Ctra. Nacional 340, Km. 78, Tarifa, Cadiz).

la cueva tarifaLa Cueva

La Cueva has become the hamburger joint in the centre of Tarifa. Arches and stone combines with contemporary art chosen by its Irish owners. Their PR labels calls them “gourmet hamburgers” and that’s just what they are. Try one and soak up the atmosphere with a night at La Cueva. Best of all, the bill will come to under € 10. They also have live music concerts. (C/ San Francisco, s/n, Tarifa, Cadiz).

el otro melliEl Otro Melli

Feel like tapas? Good tapas? Feel like good tapas in the centre of Tarifa? The second bar created by the Melli brothers is, true to their first venture, a good option for a bite to eat as long as you aren’t a bottomless pit when it comes to food. A couple of tapas and a beer will just fit in the budget. Don’t forget: a good atmosphere is nourishing for the soul. (Plaza San Martín, 5, Tarifa, Cadiz).

pachamama tarifaPachamama

Hostel, bar, restaurant, centre for water sports and activities (from yoga to climbing) on the weekends and a music venue. This eclectic Tarifa bar offers up live music in its chill out garden with a swimming pool and barbecue. Don’t miss their Kite night on Thursdays with hamburgers on offer at five euros. They only open in the summer months. (Ctra. Nacional 340, Km. 81, Tarifa, Cadiz).

La PescaderiaLa Pescadería

Salmon and mango salad, tuna carpaccio (almadraba of course), fresh fish, a delicious (and enormous) arroz marinero and some fantastic deserts are just some of the stars on the menu at this Tarifa-based restaurant located on the Alameda. For nine euros you can enjoy their menu of the day which will leave you stuffed for at least 24 hours. Don’t miss it. If you love fish, this is the place for you. (Paseo de la Alameda, Tarifa, Cadiz).

restaurante creperia santa fe tarifaRestaurante Crepería Santa Fe

The first restaurant serving crêpes in Tarifa, Santa Fe has added several French and Spanish dishes to the menu in recent years. Try their savoury crêpes made with Saracen wheat or their sweet crêpes (such as the Normande). There are several options that will leave you begging for more. Add to that a glass of French cider and you’ll soon be thanking us for the tip. (Plaza de la Alameda, s/n, Tarifa, Cadiz).

restaurante koru ecocenter tarifaTarifa Eco Center (Restaurante Pizzeria)

Organic food and natural ingredients are on the menu in this restaurant / holistic centre / eco shop. They serve up some of the best vegi dishes in the area, such as their courgette boats and pizzas. Their menu of the day (available during the week), at ten euros, will leave you more than satisfied. They also have free WIFI access from their funky indoor terrace-patio decorated with original and recycled furniture. (C/ San Sebastián, 6, Tarifa, Cadiz).

Serengueti tarifaSerengueti

Don’t miss a sunset at this chiringuito owned by an authentic Tarifa-born native. El Serengueti is located a few metres from the sea, on the Playa de los Lances, and is great for a drink or even a tapa. You’ll love saying goodnight to the sun with a delicious cocktail in your hand. Priceless! (Playa de los Lances -Frente al Campo de Fútbol-, Tarifa, Cadiz).

Silos Gallery tarifaSilos Gallery

It’s a hotel, but it’s also an art gallery. With bohemian airs and graces, the walls of Silos Gallery are covered in various permanent exhibitions, such as those of Isabel H. de la Osa or Maximilian Pfalzgraf to the delight of visitors and guests alike. Their paintings, sculptures, photos, etchings and other creative artefacts are all for sale. (C/ de Silos, 19 con C/ Cilla, 1, Tarifa, Cadiz).

valdevaqueros tarifaValdevaqueros

Thanks to the success of the Hurricane Hotel and its delicious lunch, the owners decided to open up another small hotel with a slightly cooler edge only two kilometres from the Hurricane (in the Cadiz direction) on the Valdevaqueros beach. The crowd is mostly made up of windsurfers thanks to the Club Mistral windsurf school on the grounds. There is chill out music and the famous Hurricane salad buffet for just ten euros. (Ctra. Nacional 340, Km. 74, Tarifa, Cadiz).

vibram tarifaVibram

Ever felt like having a drink while you buy your shoes? That would be great if we didn’t only have 10 euros in our pocket. Since looking is free, we recommend you check out this quirky bar in the centre of Tarifa to taste their cocktails and try on their strangely shaped shoes. If you save up a little you might even get to go back and splurge. € 5 - € 7. Free WIFI. (C/ Nuestra Señora de la Luz, Tarifa, Cadiz).



Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 16 June 2010 a las 7:55 AM, Mercedes. dijo...

Os sugiero un especial Marbella

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 24 June 2010 a las 10:32 PM, Placera dijo...

¡Que guay! Tengo ganas de ir a todo, probar todo, tocar todo, comprar todo… parece una ciudad super divertido… y en tiempos de crisis, ¡que mejor! ¿Donde se puede domir bueno, bonito y barato?

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 9 June 2011 a las 4:51 PM, lourdes dijo...

conozco tarifa sus gentes fenomenal su tierra un lujo estuve en vibran fui acomprar unas zapatillas i que pena el chico que no nos atendio dejaba mucho de ser un empleado amable no era de tarifa espero que se le pegue algo de nuestra tierra simpatia amabilidad i respeto por el publico pues nosotros a todos tratamos por igual disfruten tarifa

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 10 June 2011 a las 8:30 AM, Marina dijo...

Este verano pasaré por Tarifa y aqui hay unas cuantas buena ideas, y económicas! Sólo echo de menos lo que dice Placera, ¿un sitio donde dormir un par de noches barato? ¿Aunque sea un camping? Un saludo!!!

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 10 June 2011 a las 4:50 PM, Cecilia Bogaard dijo...

Hola Marina: Puedes encontrar algunas ideas en el apartado “dormir” de nuestra guía del viajero de Tarifa. Con eso espero que te demos algunas pistas..

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 14 June 2011 a las 9:42 AM, javier dijo...

si quieres puedes ir al hotel cortijo Las Piñas, esta muy bien situado y a muy buen precio y con cocina para baratar costes. Recomendable.

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