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Cordoba for 10 euros

Do you sometimes feel as if it’s impossible to step out of the house without it costing a fortune? If you’re looking for a fresh perspective, here are some ideas for visiting Cordoba with only ten euros in your pocket. No more excuses! Get off the sofa and explore the city.

By:  Tertulia Andaluza
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amigos del disco tienda de vinilosAmigos del Disco

Music lovers are overcome by unadulterated vinyl joy as they enter Amigos del Disco in Cordoba. A vinyl record shop, with some cassettes and CD’s too, you’ll find a wide selection of 1960s, 1970s and 1980s LP’s including Camarón, The Smiths, The Cure, The Rolling Stones and many more. Bartolomé Jaén, president of the Amigos del Disco Association, will make sure you find what you’re looking for amongst the piles of records that he also takes to markets and fairs around the country. (C/ San Fernando, 5, Córdoba).

el astronauta cordobaEl Astronauta

With a great retro-cool atmosphere, the Astronauta Restaurant in Cordoba is not just easy on the eye, but a pleasurable experience for your stomach too! Open from 13:30 to 23:30 everyday except Sunday, el Astronauta is just three minutes from the Plaza de las Tendillas. With a combination of elaborate and traditional dishes, a larger than usual choice of salads and scrumptious desserts (try the apple cake), you’ll be pleased to know there is an economical menu of the day - €9.50. (C/ Diario de Córdoba, 18, Cordoba).

automatico cordobaAutomático

The best indie-techno blend can be found in the Automático Bar. Open from 17:00 for fun-packed afternoons and evenings listening to good music. Aside from decently priced coffee, tea and cocktails, there are DJ sessions every Thursday to Saturday, a book club and wifi. The rest of the time, you can catch a mix of modern classics from the Pixies to Pavement or even Sigur Ros. (C/ Alfaros, 4, Cordoba).

bar correo cordobaBar Correo

Every Friday at midday people come together to drink cañas (little glasses of beer) in front of the narrow doorway of Bar Correo. It’s one of those classic bars that never goes out of style and that’s been popular in just about every generation. It’s a great way to get to know the city and people of Cordoba. The best bit? A beer will cost you only € 1.15. With ten euros it’ll be easy to make new friends! (C/ Jesús María, 2, Córdoba).

filmoteca de andalucia cordoba The Film Archive of Andalusia

Escaping to a parallel universe is easy. Just visit the Film Archives of Andalusia. Some of the best movies in the world can be found inside this 16th-century building with its impressive screening rooms. Over 45 films are shown each and every month to see classics by the likes of Ford or Hitchcock. When they tell you the price, try not to smile (it’s very cheap!). (C/ Medina y Corella, 5, Cordoba).

galeria arte 21 cordobaGalería Arte 21

Need a fix of contemporary art in the centre of Cordoba? Make your way to Arte 21 Gallery. Since 1998 national and international artists such as García Parody have shown their work here. “Only contemporary art. We aren’t interested in anything else,” confirms Antonio Jiménez, life and soul of the gallery. Photography, painting, sculpture and even performance or video. (Manuel María de Arjona, 4, Cordoba).

medina azahara cordobaMedina Azahara

Taking a step back in time is a must on any trip to Cordoba, but you won’t regret it. Since their new installations opened in 2009 it’s now even easier to immerse yourself in history. A film, 3D graphics and archaeological pieces will prepare you for a more considered walk around the ruins themselves. Leave at least three hours to explore one of the best archaeological sites in the region. Only 13% has as yet been excavated, so who knows what they’ll find next! Free entry. (Ctra. de Palma del Río km 5,5, Cordoba).

sala metropolis cordobaSala Metrópolis

Don’t miss out on the most active venue in the city of Cordoba. Great flamenco, hip-hop and electronic music from SFDK, Los Aslándticos, Raimundo Amador and DJ’s from as far as Berlin. With diverse tastes the owners have created a space open to all genres and styles. If you’re up for a long night out you’re in for a treat. Located in an industrial estate (no grumpy neighbours) and open on Fridays and Saturdays until seven in the morning. €8+. (Pol. Ind Chinales, C/ Profesor Arnold J. Toymbee, Cordoba).

soul cordobaSoul

Whether it’s for a quick coffee or a drink at the bar, Soul is a great place to sit back and take five. Stylish decoration helps make it a comfortable place to pass the time. It’s also got wifi and the music doesn’t interfere with conversation. They also organize film screenings for smokers on the lower level, away from the din of the bar. At night the sound may get a little louder, usually with a touch of rock thrown in for equal measure. A classic on the Cordoba circuit, Soul only closes for lunch. (C/ Alfonso XIII, 3, Cordoba).

teatro avanti cordobaTeatro Avanti

Avanti stands out for its heterogeneity. From circus shows, magic tricks and concerts during Halloween and Valentine’s Day to theatrical performances by small, independent companies, Avanti creates an intimate environment for enjoying any show up close and personal. “A factory of artistic creativity and experimentation, especially for young people and kids,” highlight the owners. And the price is pretty good too: € 7+. (C/ María Auxiliadora, s/n, Córdoba).



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El 28 February 2011 a las 10:01 PM, Lidya dijo...

En Baluarte Copas, calle Fernando de cordoba nº 3, frente a cibeles tambien comes y bebes a mediodia por menos de 10 euros, vamos…son tapitas grandotas con tu caña. Tambien tienen este servicio por la noche, excepto los lunes y los jueves…que hay conciertito gratis. Los conciertos son los jueves, los lunes cierran por la tarde por descanso. Es un ambiente guapo, tranquilote y muy familiar. A mi me da muy buen rollo andar por alli.

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