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Top 5 Romantic Hotels in Andalusia 2013

If you feel like whisking your loved one away for a romantic getaway in Andalusia, Valentine’s Day is always a good excuse. But whatever time of year it may be, get some ideas to surprise your sweetheart from our handpicked selection of chic, boutique and luxury hotels in Andalusia. The rest is up to you.

By: Tertulia Andaluza

best romantic hotels: carmen de la alcubilla del caracol hotel in granadaHotel Carmen de la Alcubilla del Caracol (Granada [1])

Tucked away in the Albaicin of Granada, this carmen opens it’s doors to a select few looking for peace and tranquility in a bustling city. Its handful of cozy rooms, charming garden and well-stocked library will delight both you and your lover. All you’ll need to complete the picture is a violin. 130 €. (C/ Aire Alta, 12, Granada [2], Granada [3]) alcubilladelcaracol.com [4]

best romantic hotels: hotel claude in marbellaHotel Claude (Marbella [5])

Located in the prettiest street in the Old Town of Marbella, Hotel Claude can be found in an elegantly restored 17th century mansion townhouse. A charming luxury hotel in which to spend a night of passion after dinner at their exquisite restaurant Le Bijou. If you weren’t already, you’ll be madly in love by dawn. 250 €. (C/ San Francisco, 5, Marbella [5], Malaga [6]). Book your hotel [7].

best romantic hotels: el corral del rey hotel in sevilleHotel Corral del Rey (Seville [8])

The capacity to combine tradition and modernity is no small feat. This they’ve achieved by bringing contemporary art into a 17th century palace. With just six rooms, clean lines and homey decoration make up this intimate but luxurious accommodation. Seville becomes the perfect backdrop for a love story one you step out onto the roof terrace. 280 €. (C/ Corral del Rey, 12, Seville [8], Seville [9]). Book your hotel [10].

best romantic hotels: hospes palacio de bailio hotel in cordobaHotel Hospes Palacio de Bailío (Cordoba [11])

There’s basically nothing missing at all. Decorated with exquisite taste (like all the hotels in the chain), the palace that houses this hotel has been classified Heritage of Cultural Interest. The gardens and swimming pool seem to have been lifted straight out of a Renoir painting. To top it all off, the spa and Senzone restaurant will leave you feeling rejuvenated and healthy. What could be better for a romantic escape? 275 €. (C/ Ramírez de las Casas Deza, 10-12, Cordoba [11], Cordoba [12]). Book your hotel [13].

best romantic hotels: utopia hotel benalupHotel Utopía (Benalup)

A dreamy corner of the world where each and every room introduces its guests to a new world far from the madding crowd. This is a bohemian and art deco inn that enlivens Benalup nights with shows and concerts by the likes of La Hoguera [14], Javier Ruibal and Zenet [15]. If you want to impress your date, this an original choice. 150 € (C/ Dr. Rafael Bernal, 32, Benalup - Casas Viejas, Cadiz [16]). Book your hotel [17].

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